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Premium Clean are excited and proud to announce they can now provide you with Two new services: A Colour Repair Service and a Carpet Repair Service. All details of these services are below:


Our Professional Colour Repair Service can restore Discoloured and Stained fabric fibres in your carpets rugs and some upholstery materials. Colour loss can be caused by many things, things such as Spilt Bleach, Urine, Sunlight, Carpet Detergents and just usual wear to the carpets, Heavy traffic areas that get used alot on a daily basis will eventually start to loose its colour. Some of the fibres that we can repair are as follows:

  • Nylon
  • Wool
  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Linen

And so many more, we can make your Carpets, Rugs look new with this new method of repair.

We have 100 Percent professionally Trained technicians that have all completed the Woolsafe organisation for the modular training solutions and have passed the professional Re-dying of Wool and other fibres courses. They have worked extremely hard to ensure that they know everything about this form of repair, how to mix the colours, how much product to use and so on. We wouldn't want to cause any damage to your carpets and rugs. They will perform a series of tests before hand to ensure your carpets fibres are suitable for this repair technique, one of which will be a Burns test. This will require a small fibre from  your carpet to be removed and burnt, the reaction to the flame will help us determine what kind of carpet you have. ( Don't panic it will be from an area that is Not at all noticeable). The reactions of different fibres are s follows:

  • Wool - Burning Hair
  • Cotton - Burning Paper
  • Nylon - Celery/Sealing Wax
  • Polypropylene - Asphalt/Paraffin

From this test we can ensure that your carpet is suitable to undergo the Re-dying process without any damage being caused, it also ensures that your carpet fiber will let the Dye attach and become a Permanent fix with no colour run if wet and so on.

The kind of spots that can be repaired are as follows:

  • Bleached spots
  • Acne medication spots
  • Spots caused by toilet bowl cleaners
  • Spots caused by new chlorinated cleaners
  • Sun faded spots near patio doors
  • Urine spots
  • Ozone faded spots
  • Spots caused by pollution
  • Spots caused by harsh cleaning chemicals especially when not rinsed out correctly

We have all the needed equipment to mix and achieve the best colour match dye for your carpets.


We will begin as i mentioned before with a Burn test. We will then follow our steps depending on what the fibres are made off,

For example colour repair for:

Wool and Nylon Carpet Fibres:

  1. Add dye
  2. Add Nylon or Wool inex product with 120ml Hot water
  3. Add Dye penetrant with 120ml Hot water
  4. Keep it Hot


  1. Add Bleach neutralizer if needed
  2. Use low ph cleaner to rinse this away
  3. Apply Saline solution to the spot and dry
  4. Mix up the Dye very hot and keep hot
  5. Apply Dye to Saline treated area until a match is achieved
  6. Dry to damp and blot with cotton dyes wetting agent and dry

As you can see some require a different set of steps to others. However practical tips are the same for all fibres.

  1. Always start at the edge of the spot
  2. Slightly dampen the fibres surrounding the spot (avoiding colour being absorbed where not needed)
  3. Keep blotting at all times
  4. Dry as you go (colour will appear darker whilst wet)

We have achieved some Amazing result using this Re-dying kit and Technique, and as always we aim for 100 Percent customer Satisfaction every time.


Our Professional Carpet Repair service allows us to Fully repair a damaged agea of your carpet, for example if you have a Burn mark, Pulled Threads, an Accidental Cut or Tear,  you don't need to panic. We can now repair these issues for you quickly and for a reasonable Price. All of our Technicians have taken the required Training courses and gained the necessary Qualifications to perform this service.

All we need to complete this service is one of our  Irons, a piece of Carpet from an Unnoticeable area of your choice, or if this isn't an option and you can maybe obtain a sample piece or cut off from the original shop that the Carpet was purchased from,  A carpet Knife, a Carpet Repair Patch Pad, a Carpet Patch Glue Pad and a Carpet Grooming Comb. The process for this service is very Straightforward and can be complete in a reasonable time allowing you to continue with your day.

The following steps will be taken to complete this service:

  • Firstly a piece of carpet will be Cut and Shaped to fit the damaged area perfectly
  • We will make the Carpet Patch Pad completely wet (not dripping) but completely wet
  • We will place the Carpet Patch Glue Pad under the carpet and centre it into the hole where the missing carpet is (It has a black line to help us be sure its centre)
  • Next we take the new Pre-cut and Shaped carpet patch and place it into the area where we want it to be fixed Permanently.
  • Brush it over with our Carpet Grooming Brush removing any loose fibres and yarns
  • Place the Wet Carpet Repair Patch Pad directly on top of the patch centering it to be sure it covers the entire patch being repaired
  • Place the Preheated iron (highest cotton setting) directly onto the Carpet Repair Patch Pad, ensuring to cover all of the seams of the patch underneath.
  • Hold in place for 60 Seconds
  • Repeat this step until the entire patch has been covered (again waiting another 60 seconds)
  • Once the entire patch has been heated we remove the Carpet Repair Patch Pad and gently brush over the patch with the Carpet Grooming Brush again (lightly fluffing the yarn up) this stops the yarns and fibres from Drying flat.
  • Once the patch is completely Cool  we brush it over again with the Carpet Grooming Brush to remove any further loose fibres and yarns. (Once cool it means the glue is dry)
  • Lastly we Trim away any backing strands.

And this completes the repair service, you will see that the patch is firmly stuck down and is unnoticeable.

The Steam from the iron heats the Glue, Re, Twists the fibres of the carpet and helps Run the colours into the patch making it unnoticeable and as if the damaged area was never there.

The results of this service are unbelievable and can save you a lot of money from not needing to replace your entire carpet.

We Fully Guarantee our Service, Get your quote today !

We are available for Bookings 7 Days a week and continue to take bookings over Bank Holidays, we have a team of Friendly office staff awaiting your Call or Email. So why wait contact Premium Clean today or visit our Website for even more of our Services that we can offer you.

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