End of Tenancy Cleaning London

end of tenancy cleaning londonWhen it comes time to move out many tenants neglect to get a final Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning London. The main reason is that they think it will be too difficult or will cost too much. Cleaning a whole apartment or house by yourself can be difficult and most people opt not to do it. 

Fortunately, we are more than happy to help you out with our Professional House Cleaning Services London. You don't need to worry about getting your deposit in full from your landlord or paying too expensive prices for cleaning anymore.

Nowadays booking of move out cleaning in all areas of London: North West London, East London, West London, North London, South London, South West London, South East London, and of course Central London the cleaning costs are not so expensive anymore and booking with us guarantees you a tenancy cleaners providing you with great results. Our fully trained and insured cleaning Teams get the best possible results in your property at affordable prices

We try to save your time and money, leaving everybody happy. PremiumClean Ltd. is CRB & DBS Checked and Approved. We offer also full scale deep cleaning services across London: Office Cleaning, Professional Carpet Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, Window Cleaning, After Builders Cleaning, Deep Clean, Oven Cleaning, Spring Clean, Hard Floors Cleaning. Whatever the tenancy clean in London job is that you require we can provide it. 

We guarantee our cleaning in London, and we are more than happy to do a re-clean if needed. We clear all the rubbish into bags ready for disposal. Our end of tenancy cleaners work focus on every single detail needed for a really good move out cleaning, ensuring everything is cleaned inside of the property

Our cleaning prices are fixed and depend on the size of your property. It doesn’t matter how long the cleaning takes, we will complete it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Remember the cheapest prices can also mean poor quality, some companies may be cheaper than ours but do they send a professional tenancy domestic cleaning team? Do they offer a guarantee?

Cheapest prices most of the time costs more than you pay. Don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you need our assistance. Our professional staff in the office are always happy to help with any questions you may have. They are also always ready to help you choose the best tenancy cleaning checklist services for you with the normal tenancy cleaning cost.

Premium Clean is a professional cleaning company with more than 10 years experience in cleaning services in London and professional domestic house cleaning, builders cleaning, upholstery cleaning, move out cleaning service, Professional Tenancy Carpet Cleaning using Hot Water Extraction Methods to get the best results from Cleaning carpets. We complete Cleaning Checklists to ensure everything has been covered in our cleaning program. 

Our Service is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. We strongly believe that our prices are affordable and can fit to the budget of every family! We serve professional cleaning all over London, so don’t worry about your area and get a cleaning prices and quote today. We are flexible with start and finish times. 

You can Book online or give us a call. Feel free to frequently asked questions and check our tenancy cleaning London reviews

Our cleaning equipment and professional cleaning products are one of the most modern and efficient.  As a Tenancy cleaning company our tenancy cleaning technician uses ProChem Chemicals & Equipment and Karcher, who are a leader in the cleaning upholstery and professional carpet & fabric care industry. High traffic areas or stains in the carpet are not a problem.


You can easily find us on our website, CheckaTrade, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Yell. There are Many Ways to make a Booking with Us. You can Call us on 020 3004 0643, drop us an email, or just leave a Facebook message. 

Our professional cleaners arrive in no time and carry out the cleaning equipment and your accommodation will be very soon clean. After they are ready the you make a payment upon receipt or invoice and you receive the best professional end of tenancy cleaning services in London.


  • End of Tenancy Cleaning  - Available at a time Convenient to You in London
  • Powerful Extraction Machines – Up to 120 Degrees 
  • Quick Drying Time
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction 
  • Free Stain Removal 
  • Fully Trained Carpet Cleaners
  • Eco Friendly Cleaning Products if you require !
  • 100% Safe Cleaning Solutions 
  • Beneficial for Allergy Sufferers
  • Short Notice is not a Problem
  • Lowest Prices in London (Keep in mind that parking and congestion charges may apply.)
  • Free, No Obligation Quotation – Online, Phone or in Person

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What does the move out cleaning service include?

We cover all the areas in the Property Inc Kitchen, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Living Room, Hallway, Landings and Stairs.

  • Kitchen Cleaning – We clean and polish everything top to bottom in the kitchen, focusing primarily on the Grease and Baked on Grime in the Oven and on the Extractor fan. We use the Steam cleaning method on the Oven as it is the best way to remove the Grease and Grime, also it Kills all Bacteria.  All the draws and cupboards, the Utensils and Appliances like fridge and freezers, are also cleaned, then Mop the floors and wipe down and clean all the sides.
  • Bathroom Cleaning – The Bathroom is the most used room in the property, and because of the use of Water, Bacteria can thrive here. We will Disinfect everything, using the Correct chemicals and steam cleaning method in our End of Tenancy Cleaning London service.
    Steam cleaning is the best way to Kill all Bacteria leaving the bathroom Germ free which helps prevent illnesses. We use only the Best Chemicals on the market so Limescale and Water Residue is not a Problem for us, we will leave taps and fittings shining.
  • Living Room Cleaning – This is the Room where everybody in the property gather, whether it be to play games, dine, watch the football or soaps, or just a place to gather and socialize. Our services here include carpet cleaning London as additional service, hoovering all soft furnishing, polish any hard furniture, clean the windows or if required steam clean the carpet and upholstery or polish any Hard floors that you may have.
  • Bedroom Cleaning – Most Bedrooms are only used at night, this allows all day for dust particles to settle, then when you go to bed you disturb these particles and they become airborne, as you sleep, you inhale these particles which can cause allergies. At the same time, using just the washing machine is not enough.
    That’s why we will thoroughly clean the Bedroom free of these Particles leaving a Safe Environment for you to sleep in. We will wipe the walls free of cobwebs and dust, clean the windows, polish the wardrobes, bedside cabinets, Vacuum the carpet and curtains. Again you can Opt for the Full steam cleaning option for an even cleaner Bedroom.
  • Hallway, Stairs & Landing Cleaning – These areas are always in use, high traffic Dust and Dirt will gather here more than anywhere else in the Property. We Hoover or Mop these areas Very thoroughly and wipe down the walls, sockets, switches. Ensuring that the first impression when entering the property is a Good Clean one. 

You can also book additional Carpet or Upholstery Cleaning. So don’t hesitate to book our services and our professional move out cleaners will do the magic for you! We will provide all of the required equipment and detergents to achieve the best results possible in our post tenancy professional cleaning services!


Free Quote Requested

You can do that online going to the price page on our website to get an accurate price for your tenancy cleaning service.

Receive a Response from Us

Our office team will be in touch to answer your questions and ask you for more details if need it of the service, and confirm the date, time and final cost.

Booking Confirmation

Our office team will send you a booking confirmation via email with all details required: date, time, cost and cancelation. Deposit required.

Professional Clean and Ready for New Tenants - Checklist Cleaning. Finishing Up.

Our cleaning team clean and inspect the property using checklist to make sure there will not be any missing areas. Everything has to be cleaned to perfection. VAT invoice receipt as evidence will be send it to you to show you have a professional end of tenancy cleaning. The balance have to paid on the end.


All interior rooms

  • Dusted and cleaned all door frames
  • Dusted and cleaned all skirting  boards
  • Dusted and cleaned all picture rails
  • Dusted and cleaned  all light fittings
  • Dusted and cleaned all wardrobe and cupboards
  • Dusted and polished all electrical sockets
  • Dusted and polished  all hanging rails
  • Dusted and polished all mirrors and frames
  • Dusted and polished all audio visual equipment
  • Dusted and polished all free-standing furniture
  • Dusted and polished all doors, handles and locks
  • Dusted and polished all light switches
  • Mattresses vacuumed
  • All rugs vacuumed, replace and moved
  • Armchair and sofas cushions vacuumed and removed
  • Window glass internal cleaned
  • Window frame internal cleaned
  • Flooring vacuumed and mopped
  • Walls and ceiling cobwebs removed and dusted


  • Removed glass door and cleaned
  • Removed and degreased all cooker fitments
  • Interior de-greased


As per all interior rooms plus:

  • Cleaned and polished cupboards, handles and doors
  • Dishwasher Cleaned In and Out
  • Cleaned and polished wall tiles
  • Cleaned and buffed worktops
  • Cleaned all kick boards
  • Cleaned under sing area
  • Cleaned for utensils, crockery, cutlery and glassware are additional fee.
  • Cleaned all areas between appliances and cupboards
  • Removed limescale  from sink and taps
  • Polished all chrome and metal plate surface

Bathrooms, En Suites & WC

As per all interior rooms, plus:

  • Descaled and cleaned basin, bath and shower areas
  • Descaled and polished shower screens
  • Cleaned and polished all bathroom fixtures
  • Cleaned and removed the waste
  • Cleaned and sanitised the toilet
  • Cleaned the toilet cistern
  • Cleaned the toilet U-bend and area behind
  • Removed soap and limescale from all surfaces
  • Removed limescale  from toilet bowl
  • Polish all chrome and metal surfaces

Fridges & Freezers

  • Cleaned handle and exterior door
  • Cleaned rubber seal
  • Cleaned internal base and walls
  • Cleaned and removed food and shelves compartments
  • Freezer must be defrosted and emptied beforehand

Washing Machines

  • Cleaned glass door
  • Cleaned rubber seal outside and inside
  • Cleaned and washed exterior
  • Cleaned and washed the soap dispenser
  • Cleaned inside drum

Extractor Hood

  • Cleaned and degreased the filters
  • Cleaned ,polished and degreased the external body

Best End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

Room Type Flat House -
1 Staircase
Studio Flat £130 £150
1 Bedroom / 1 Bathroom £180 £200
2 Bedroom / 1 Bathroom £200 £230
3 Bedroom / 1 Bathroom £250 £280
4 Bedroom / 1 Bathroom £300 £350
    If Your Property Is More Than 4 Bedrooms & 1 Bathroom Please Contact Us For A Free Quote
The price is inclusive all Cleaning Equipment & Materials.

Additional Services

Service Price
Extra Blind from   £10
Extra Toilet             £15
Extra Bathroom             £30
Extra Staircase            £30
Extra Balcony from  £30
Storages from  £10
Freezer Defrosting             £50
Internal Conservatory Windows from   £30


1. What is End of tenancy Cleaning?

When you move out of your property and the new tenants have to move in, then require Deep Cleaning of the property.

2. Do I Need to Provide any Cleaning Materials for End of Tenancy Cleaning?

No, we provide all the cleaning Materials and Equipment to deep clean trough out your property.

3. Is the Oven Cleaning included in End of Tenancy Cleaning Program?

Yes, the Oven cleaning is included on our check list for end of tenancy cleaning.

4. Is the Carpet Cleaning included on End of Tenancy Cleaning?

We do carpet cleaning, and the price for it is on additional charge, please ask us for a quote.

5.Do you Guarantee Deposit Back on End of Tenancy Cleaning?

Yes, we fully guarantee our service within 24 hours after the service. If any issue we will return to re-clean the missing areas.

6. Do you require Deposit for End of Tenancy Cleaning Service?

Yes, we require deposit, 50% of the total, and the rest to be paid on completion.

7. Is the External Windows Cleaning Included on End of Tenancy Cleaning?

We can clean the windows from outside for extra cost, but inside window cleaning is included on the price.

8. What Happens if Anything is Damaged during the End of Tenancy Cleaning?

We will pay for the item, or team of builders will repair the damaged on our cost.

9. How Long Does End of Tenancy Cleaning take?

Depend of size and condition, but for example 2 bed, 1 bath flat takes around 4-5 hours.

10. Do I Have to Be in The Property During The End of Tenancy Cleaning?

No, you can stay if you want, but normally we recommend to come back on completion to inspect and make the payment.

Customer Review

The team were great - spent much longer at the property than i expected and cleaned to a high standard.

Jeramy Brexton - Fulham

Real Story

From Mr & Mrs Ford – From Fulham, Found us on Google and sent us an Email requiring End of Tenancy Cleaning for their 2 Bedroom flat, Inc all Cleaning Materials & Equipment. We replied back to them that the Price will be £150. We explained to them we clean everything top to bottom inside, and guarantee our service for 24hours. They were happy with this Price, so agreed to book the cleaning for the next day at 08:30.  The two cleaners arrived the next day at 08:15, met with Mr & Mrs Ford who allowed them access to their property and left them to complete the Clean. The cleaners cleaned everything top to bottom, all Dust and Cobwebs, de greased all kitchen appliances and cupboards inside and out. De-scaled all the bathroom and kitchen sinks taps etc. cleaned all the floors like new.  The cleaners called the Customer after four and a half hours, 30 minutes before they finished to give them time to travel back to the Property for Inspection. When Mr & Mrs Ford arrived they Inspected the property and were very impressed how hard the girls had worked, and that everything was spotless. They Paid to the cleaners upon receipt, and left good feedback, explaining they were going to use us again. 3 Days later they sent us an email to let us know that the Estate Agent had been to inspect the property and had passed the Inventory check, with clean being done to a High Standard.

4.9 / 5


100% Satisfied Customers

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Lucy Metcalfe
Lucy Metcalfe
13:38 18 Oct 21
I used the company for an end of tenancy clean and was really impressed with the service. Amazing value for money - I would highly recommend!
Eric Osman
Eric Osman
18:32 28 Sep 21
I've employed them on three separate occasions from April to September 2021, and on all those occasions, I have not needed to supervise or ask them to return for any end of tenancy cleaning services. The only issue is their telephone response times, but they do always call back and are willing to do whatever is necessary to maintain the high standards.
Katie Mallalieu
Katie Mallalieu
19:53 26 Jul 21
Great service and really happy with the overall condition of the house. We used premium clean for an end of tenancy clean and they made the process a lot stressful with their fabulous cleaning skills. The carpets were spotless and all stains were removed. Thank you for this service I will be recommending you to friends.
Louise Jones
Louise Jones
10:34 28 Jun 21
Thank you so much to Eva and colleague for our end of tenancy cleaning this morning. All fab and we are very happy! Punctual, speedy, great communication and great clean. Thank you!
Sigita M
Sigita M
13:52 25 May 21
Very happy with my End of tenancy clean, cleaners were on time, worked very professionally and the result is sparkling clean flat. I am sure I won't have issues getting my deposit back. Great value and invoice issued promptly, whole fee done by bank transfer.
Harriet Christie
Harriet Christie
11:32 24 Mar 21
I used Premium Clean for an end of tenancy cleaning for my flat. The company were easy to communicate with and Dan was very helpful over the phone. I wasn't present to meet the cleaning team but the flat was left absolutely spotless, they did a very thorough job. I would use them again and highly recommend.
Francisco Ponce de Leon
Francisco Ponce de Leon
11:23 18 Mar 21
I used their services of end of tenancy cleaning, and they did an outstanding job! Very friendly and professional folks
Mathilde Andrin
Mathilde Andrin
12:30 01 Mar 21
We hired Premium Clean for an end of tenancy cleaning. Communication was great, they're very responsive. Prices are correct and well worth the money as the flat was extremelty clean when they left. Their team was on time and very thorough. The checkout company found nothing to say about the cleanliness of the flat so thank you Premium Clean!I would definitely use their services again!
Katt Wade
Katt Wade
17:13 06 Jan 21
I had premium clean do my end of tenancy clean and WOW I am impressed. Arrived bang on time, completed the full clean in just over 3 hours (2 bed house) to a very high standard. Absolutely spotless. Would definitely use them again.
l jck
l jck
09:09 29 Sep 20
Simply outstanding! We have been using this company for end of tenancy cleans for 4 years now. The quality of their cleaning is truly exceptional. I am not trying to up Premium Clean's rating, I can recommend them without hesitation, which I normally don't do.Thank you for another great clean in SW7 yesterday!
Augustus Perkins Ray
Augustus Perkins Ray
14:45 02 Sep 20
My house required an end-of-tenancy clean and I spent a number of hours looking online at various cleaning companies before settling on Premium Clean, which has good reviews across a number of websites. A team of cleaners visited the house for an initial clean, which none of the housemates were in attendance for, but the landlord was not 100% happy with the result. Fortunately, when I called the Premium Clean office a new date was arranged for a re-clean of the house, at no additional cost to the tenants. Although the company were busy with other jobs and had limited availability, they were able to expedite the day of the re-clean and came back within 24 hours of me contacting them, four days before their next advertised availability.When they arrived for the re-clean (again, none of the tenants were in attendance), the landlord (who was) asked the cleaners to carry out additional services not usually included in the base end-of-tenancy clean (such as window cleaning, rubbish clearance and gardening), and the cleaners took to the job without hesitation or protestation, at only a small additional cost to the tenants. In addition, two of the three mattresses, which were significantly soiled and which the landlord had said would need replacing, were efficiently and effectively cleaned by Premium Clean's mattress technician, which saved us quite a bit of extra money, as the landlord only needed to replace one mattress. As the tenants had moved out by this point, I communicated with a very polite and generous man (Chris) over the phone during the re-clean, and he was really helpful and reassuring while he simultaneously liaised with the landlord.Overall, I had a very positive experience of using Premium Clean and I would recommend their services to anyone looking for a polite, professional and proficient cleaning company.
Radoslav Naidenov
Radoslav Naidenov
15:17 03 Aug 20
Great service! Their team arrived on time, they were very friendly, efficient and considerate of the details. The flat is now ready for its end of tenancy check. Thank you again for your help !
Alexey Gordeev
Alexey Gordeev
20:55 18 May 20
Very friendly staff, came on time did a good a job. I had Premium Clean do my end of tenancy cleaning and was pleased with the result - the landlord did not deduct any money for cleaning afterwards
Sen Boyaci
Sen Boyaci
12:26 22 Oct 19
Fantastic end of tenancy clean by two lovely ladies. We got our full deposit back which says quite a lot in it self. The flat (a basement flat) was getting a little mouldy and damp, and they did a great job in reducing this dramatically and generally cleaning the whole place to a high standard. They arrived a little early too which was lovely, and they were happy for me to leave them to it and then post the keys through the letter box. Overall I am very pleased and couldn't fault the experience and service
Kimberly Mason
Kimberly Mason
12:31 01 May 19
Their end of tenancy professional clean was great! Place looked brand new again! Definitely would recommend and at such a good rate too
Kelly Standish-White
Kelly Standish-White
09:19 17 Dec 18
Excellent company - quick and efficient communication, very easy to deal with and did a fantastic end of tenancy clean. We received our full deposit back as a result of the clean, so would highly recommend their services.
Aash Patel
Aash Patel
07:15 10 Oct 18
Used Premium Clean for an end of tenancy cleaning. Never thought the place could be so clean.
Vladimir Dimitrov
Vladimir Dimitrov
17:32 22 Aug 18
Excellent customer service. High standard end of tenancy and carpet cleaning service. Get my deposit back in full. Highly Recommended
Laura H
Laura H
21:46 21 Jul 18
Lina and her team of 2 did a very professional job with our end of tenancy cleaning. They went over what was to be done, asked questions to ensure they got it right, took the time to be thorough (cleaning lasted longer than they originally thought), and were efficient and impressive.
mathieu durand
mathieu durand
16:09 21 Mar 18
I have called for a short notice end of tenancy cleaning. Communication was very easy, price was transparent and fair. And my flat deposit has been refunded in full. Thank you very much, I will definitely use you again for my next flat.
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