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Who is responsible for end of tenancy cleaning?

The End of Tenancy Cleaning Service is a popular home cleaning procedure in the UK. As well as requiring considerable effort to achieve perfect results, it arrives with several specifics that you will not find in standard seasonal cleaning. In order to answer the question of who is responsible for End of Tenancy Cleaning correctly, it is important to clarify these specifics in advance. They will, by the way give you real guidance as to how to deal with the cleaning itself properly and

How long does an end of tenancy clean take?

If you are currently wondering how long an End of Tenancy Cleaning takes, then in all likelihood, you are about to clean your home. And time, quite logically, is valuable to you. You are now literally overwhelmed with the commitment – to find a new home, to transport your personal belongings to it, to complete any additional administrative small, but important and sometimes difficult, relocation tasks. All this requires a strict plan if you want the move to go smoothly. And scheduling is effective when

What does an end of tenancy clean include?

End of Tenancy Cleaning is a classic professional service in the UK. Although perceived as a service, there are still people who undertake the task of End of Tenancy Cleaning completely independently. In both cases it is about cleaning a home – an apartment or a house – that has been rented. There is still controversy as to who is doing the cleaning itself – the tenant or the landlord. Rather, it is a matter that is settled in the contract and the personal arrangements

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Benefits of Professional Antiviral Sanitisation

Cleanliness in a home or a room is never enough, especially at a time of global pandemic. Even if you try to follow all the anti-epidemic measures, bring food, drinks, come home with the clothes you were outside, etc. One of the most successful solutions for your own home, office or entire office and commercial buildings is antivirus disinfection. Below you will find out what the service really is, what its advantages are and what steps the cleaning goes through.

What is antiviral disinfection?

Antivirus cleaning aims


Differences Between End of Tenancy and Domestic Cleaning

End of tenancy cleaning in London and household cleaning are two different things, although they are often taken as “intertwined” and sound a little confusing to customers. Continue reading below to learn about the nature of cleaning procedures and the most significant differences between them. This way the picture will become clearer to you!

So, you can hire professionals to clean everything and every corner of your home or rental home. Get acquainted in advance with some important features in their work, because this way you

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How to Get Your Deposit Back When You Move Out

Finally bought your own home and put an end to your rental life! Or maybe you like the idea of ​​renting a house, or you just want to change the apartment or replace it with a spacious house because you are expecting a baby, or just moving your job to another city. In all of these situations, you have a difficult process – moving.

It is associated with many expectations and hopes for a better life, as well as a bunch of tasks:

Transporting things

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Every landlord or tenant needs an end of tenancy cleaning London service at one time. The tenant is looking for a way to leave the property in perfect condition in order to receive their deposit back. The landlord needs to make his property nice and attention-grabbing for a new tenant or buyer, and cleanliness and tidiness are paramount to that.

Cleaning at the end of the rental contract is important and the average price is of interest to both, tenant and landlord. Below you will

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Is Professional Cleaning Required At End of Tenancy?

After a well-thought-out decision to let or rent an apartment, as such, comes the frequently asked question – “Do you need professional cleaning”? In both cases, the answer is a screaming “Yes”. Sometimes conditions impose this as a duty, but in other cases it is only advisable. 

When is the End of Tenancy cleaning service recommended?

There are several main points for which the service is primarily intended. It is created by the owners of professional cleaning companies in order to help many tenants or landlords with

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Cleaning Process of Silk Rugs and Carpets

So silk carpets and rugs as you may know are extremely delicate and can be somewhat challenging when it comes to cleaning up any spills and stains. Unlike most carpets and rugs where you can just grab some stain removal products, apply and remove the stain in a few minuets, silk carpets and rugs will almost definitely require a lot more time and preparation.

The first thing you need to ensure is that the process itself isn’t going to damage the material. Although the tensile

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What is End of Tenancy Cleaning? What does it include?

What exactly is End of tenancy cleaning? It’s for Tenants or Landlords that require a top to bottom Clean of their property. If you’re a tenant leaving a property you want to make sure that it is left in perfect clean condition, otherwise you may not receive your deposit back when you leave.

If you’re a Landlord you may have been left with a property that hasn’t been cleaned to the standard that is needed to then show the new Tenants. Cleanliness is very important when