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4 Best Carpet Protectors by Premium Clean Ltd.

There are many ways that you can protect your beloved Carpets and help prevent nasty stains and wear. Carpets are a very important part of the home and is one of the most Expensive parts of furnishing your property. Everyone that enters your property is going to see and walk on this Carpet. We’re sure that it’s very important to you are able to offer a great first impression. There are many times that you may need a Carpet Protector and there are so many

premium clean scotchgard carpet protector

Scotchgard Carpet Protector – Invisible Protective Barrier


1 What is Scotchgard Protector ?1.1 How SCOTCHGARD Works ?
What is Scotchgard Protector ?

Scotchgard Protector works to repel any type of liquid, without compromising the look and feel of your carpet .  It can even be used anywhere, on your furniture, sofas, rugs, clothes even on your Tent. You want the things you love last, so using Scotchgard helps to make this Possible.

Simply sprayed on, your carpet or upholstery has an invisible protective barrier. Repelling and blocking whatever life has to throw at it, meaning it

Domestic cleaning with toothpaste

How to Clean With Toothpaste

Now as you all know everyone cleans their teeth with toothpaste so it’s a product that is available in every home. But did you know that there is a lot of interesting uses for toothpaste that you may never of even dreamed of.

These ideas on how to use toothpaste are so simple and so effective, and let’s face it toothpaste isn’t the most expensive product in the world and you don’t even have to use a massive brand of toothpaste, a simple mild abrasive, a surfactant

Home cleaning with vinegar

How to Clean with Vinegar

This week we are going to look at how we can use Vinegar to Tackle Everyday Cleaning Situations, this is Possible due to the Antibacterial and Antimicrobial Properties Vinegar has. Some of these Methods may work, some may not. Not all have been tried and  tested by myself Personally, but I will certainly give them a try at some point. Ill keep you updated. Of course you could always let me know if you have tried them, or if you have any other Methods for

home lemon cleaning london

Cleaning Kitchen or Bathroom With Lemon


Basically just squeeze Lemon Juice into some Water, even throw in the Rinds after, and Microwave. You will soon notice the condensation from the boiling Liquid appearing on the sides, the Natural Cleaning Agents in the Lemon Juice will Dissolve Dried on foods and loosen any Gunk built up. Once done, You just need to wipe away with a Damp Cloth. Simple. This is very useful when its time for the end of tenancy cleaning.

Here’s How its Done

Pour half a cup of Water into a

Premium Clean Oven clean london

How To Clean Your Oven

   Not everybody has the time to clean their Oven themselves. For those people, we are here to help. For those of you that do have time, and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, we recommend using a Karcher steam cleaner. There are lots of methods you can find online but we haven’t found any that work as well. We find the steam method to work best when Oven cleaning chemicals don’t quite cut it.

It cuts through the grease easily and also leaves

Carpet cleaning for pet owners

How to Keep Your Carpet Clean for Pet Owners

 Having Pets in your Home Doesn’t mean your Carpets are going to be forever ruined. With accumulating Hair,  Stains  and Nasty Smells that seem to accompany most Pets. To help keep you Carpets clean, use a Spot Cleaner,  Urine  Neutraliser and Odor Eliminators for when those Accidents do happen.

 Pet Hair

The main problem with pets is of course the Hair. Pet Hair gets Everywhere, but more so in the Carpets, This can  block or even damage your Vacuum. We suggest using a Pet Grooming Brush on