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How To Clean Your Oven

   Not everybody has the time to clean their Oven themselves. For those people, we are here to help. For those of you that do have time, and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, we recommend using a Karcher steam cleaner. There are lots of methods you can find online but we haven’t found any that work as well. We find the steam method to work best when Oven cleaning chemicals don’t quite cut it.

It cuts through the grease easily and also leaves

Carpet cleaning for pet owners

How to Keep Your Carpet Clean for Pet Owners

 Having Pets in your Home Doesn’t mean your Carpets are going to be forever ruined. With accumulating Hair,  Stains  and Nasty Smells that seem to accompany most Pets. To help keep you Carpets clean, use a Spot Cleaner,  Urine  Neutraliser and Odor Eliminators for when those Accidents do happen.

 Pet Hair

The main problem with pets is of course the Hair. Pet Hair gets Everywhere, but more so in the Carpets, This can  block or even damage your Vacuum. We suggest using a Pet Grooming Brush on