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For many years Professional Carpet Cleaning Services has been a forever Growing necessity to so many Businesses and Homeowners. It's become a Battle between thousands of different  Carpet Cleaning Companies all trying to provide the best possible Carpet Cleaning in as many areas as Possible. We are here to make sure that you are provided with that Amazing service every time that you book a Carpet Clean. Premium carpet cleaning have been Progressing and Improving our services over the years and can Proudly say that we are the best in the London area. All of you Homeowners, Tennant and Businesses in the North London area don't need to go searching for the perfect Carpet cleaners because you've found us.

We want you to understand why we are so Confident in offering the best cleaning so here's a bit about us as a Company.

Firstly our Entire team have have all the Training and Testing that is necessary to run a brilliant cleaning company. They have all received the needed Certificates and intense training courses and have all shown Amazing results. They have full Understanding of all the Cleaning Products that we use to complete our cleans and know that carpets are all different, so some may need a more Delicate approach than others. They understand how to remove even some of the Deepest stains, Lifting them to the surface to be removed safely leaving no Damage to the Carpets. Such stains as Red Wine, Grass, Coffee, Tea, Mud, Make-Up, Oil, Pet Urine, Chewing Gum, Candle Wax and even some cases of Mould and the list can go on and on. They will Do everything in their power to remove any stain presented to them.

Secondly Our Machinery. All of our machinery is the top of the range and the best on the market available to us. Our Steam CArpet cleaner The SteemPro 2000 is an Amazingly powerful and remarkable piece of machinery. Its Powerful suction allows us to suck away all Dirt and loose Particles. Whilst it also features Two separate Water tanks so that the clean water can be kept completely separate to the dirty, meaning we can clean your Carpets with a constant flow of clean water. This water will also be able to be Heated up to 120 Degrees! At this Temperature it Kills 100 Percent of Germs and Bacteria and because it gets so hot any Stains can be loosened and lifted to the surface. Teamed with our Pre-Stain removal Products it has no trouble removing tough Dried in Stains and Spills. Because it uses Steam it minimises the Soaking of the carpet allowing the carpet to have a Respectable Drying time of 2-3 Hours. This will of course depend on the Warmth and Air Circulation in the room being cleaned but it usually doesn't take longer than this time. We also use a Odor Control chemical, this chemical will Eliminate any Unwanted Smells from the carpet Including Damp, Smoke, Dust, Pet Urine and so on, leaving your carpets with a Fresh Fruity Odor, filling your entire home with a Clean scent. It is Hard to notice any Odurs when you are living in the property yourself but when Guests come over they are the ones that will notice any Ghastly smells, this can be Embarrassing and not very nice.


We are available 7 Days a week and have a wide Variety of time Slots for our Carpet cleaning to be booked in, We do our best to make sure you can get a Time and Date that is suitable and most Convenient for you. We also do our best to go the Extra mile so contact us and discuss if there's an Unusual time in particular that you may require we can discuss and come to an agreement of some sort. We also Continue taking bookings for Bank Holidays too.

So what are you waiting for Contact us today and get the clean that you have been looking for.

Call, Email, Facebook Message Or Visit our web page and get even more information about us and our Carpet cleaning services. We can provide you with a No Obligation Quote, Answer any Unanswered questions that you may have, Give any needed advice and discuss your carpets condition and so on, Or jump Straight Lono to booking you in For your Professional Carpet Clean. Whichever it may be you will be greeted with Friendly, Willing to help staff Members.