4 Carpet Cleaning Products Recommended by Premium Clean

There are so many Carpet Cleaning Products available to you all. Some are extremely expensive and some are very cheap and they all work in their own ways and they all can be applied in different ways too. We're going to pick a Selection and just tell you a little about them, how they work, how to apply them and the Benefits of each one.

vax stain shot

Vax stain shot cleaner

Vax stain shot cleaner

In a handy Spray bottle this Spot stain remover is perfect for easy Application and also great for Convenient storage. Brilliant for Breaking down and removing all kinds of common household spills and stains such as Coffee, Tea, Sauces, Red Wine and so much more. Woolsafe tested this allows this product to be used on all carpets including Polyester, Raffia and Delicate Wool carpets safely causing no damage at all. Say goodbye to soiled and stained carpets, You can now get a Clean and Bacteria free carpet without the need to book a Professional cleaning company.


1001 Vax Trouble Shooter

1001 Vax Trouble Shooter

1001 3in1 auto carpet shampoo

1001 3in1 Carpet Shampoo is perfect for cleaning Carpets and Upholstery, it removes Grease and Grime, Stains and Odors a thick Foam mixture seeps into the Carpet Fibres removing even the Deepest of Dirt. It leaves a Fresh scent and kills 99 Percent Bacteria. Woolsafe tested to ensure that even the most delicate carpets such as wool are safe from damage. It also contains a fibre Shielded Polymer protection that defends against further and future dirt keeping the Materials clean and fresh for longer. Easy to use and available in most well known stores, allowing anyone to achieve a professional finish in their homes without having to call out a Professional cleaning company.


AAA Carpet Cleaner

AAA Carpet Cleaner

This product can be used in any of the Vax carpet cleaning machines, these machines are upright standing and look like a Regular vacuum so they are easily stored in your home.

This product is designed to gently lift out any Stubborn Dirt and it's also a perfect spot remover. It can be used on Carpets and Upholstery and is infused with a beautiful fresh Orchid fragrance, ensuring that your carpets and upholstery are left smelling wonderful.

Because it is concentrated it means that you can use half as much and still clean a Huge surface area. You simply follow the directions on your professional carpet cleaner and the carpet cleaner does all the work for you. All you have to do is use it as u would a normal Vacuum, ensure to Vacuum all areas being treated before applying and starting the cleaning process.

This product is also certified as Wool Safe and can be used on the most Delicate of carpets and upholstery. The benefits are that you can clean your Carpets whenever and as often as you like for a small price and still get a great result and smell.

PROCHEM - One of the best carpet cleaning products

Prochem Natural Carpet Cleaner

Prochem Natural Carpet Cleaner

The Prochem range is massive and they offer Carpet cleaners, Protectors, Pre-Treatment, Spot-Treatment and the list goes on.

This is one of the best well know products used by so many carpet cleaning companies. They all use these products because they know that they give the best cleaning finish possible.

The Professional Carpet Cleaner product used with the Prochem cleaning machine lifts and clears the Deepest of Stains and Dirt.

It is completely Safe to be used around Pets and  Children. It gives off a Beautiful fruity smell leaving any home smelling amazing and looking spectacular. When teamed with the Prochem machine it can be heated up to 120 Degrees this provides a Germ and Bacteria Killing mixture. Again with this product it can only be used in Professional cleaning machines so it will only be available if you book with a Professional cleaning company. You will get Amazing results if this product is used in London Carpet Cleaning Service.

This is only a small selection of carpet cleaning products, but they are all great ways to get a brilliant clean for your tired, stained, dull carpets. As you can see some provide additional features such as protection for after the cleaning has been complete, and some simply just to provide you with a quick and easy carpet cleaning solution whenever you feel like revamping your carpets.

Wether you book a professional carpet cleaning service or do it yourself  for your carpets at home it is always recommended that a full carpet cleaning service is complete at least once a year to maintain a healthy looking and feeling carpet. If pets are included in the household its recommended to get a clean at least once every 3-4 months.  

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