4 Best Carpet Protectors by Premium Clean Ltd.

There are many ways that you can protect your beloved Carpets and help prevent nasty stains and wear. Carpets are a very important part of the home and is one of the most Expensive parts of furnishing your property. Everyone that enters your property is going to see and walk on this Carpet. We're sure that it's very important to you are able to offer a great first impression. There are many times that you may need a Carpet Protector and there are so many different types you may need them whilst Building work takes place.

For everyday wear in High Traffic areas such as Offices, Play areas and eating areas for children, and so on. Builders can leave all kinds of mess Paint spills, loads of Dust, Wood splinters, Grubby tools and Children can leave mess everywhere it's what children do Painting, Eating and spilling drinks, it's bound to happen so we want you to know all the possible ways that you can Protect your Carpets so we're going to explain a few of these options, how they work and how effective they are.

Self Adhesive Back Film Carpet Protectors

Self Adhesive Back Carpet ProtectorsThis Self Adhesive Film comes available on rolls and can be purchased in a variety of sizes. It's Clear in colour and it has a Sticky Adhesive backing sticky enough to keep it in place but not too sticky that it leaves a sticky Residue when removed. Thanks to its Sticky backing it can be used in all kinds of Rooms, Corridors and Staircases. It is recommended that it is only Temporarily applied and is not used as a Permanent solution. Recommended removal after 4 Weeks to minimise leftover residue. Its very simple to apply and very easy to removal when ready. Apply by avoiding Stretching and apply to Clean Dry Carpets.

Because of its Sticky Backing it is only recommended for use on Cut Pile Carpets and is not recommended for use on 100% Wool or Thick Pile Carpets. The benefits of using this product are:

  • Saves expensive clean up costs and acts as a Temporary carpet cover
  • Ideal to protect your carpets against building and decorating spills
  • Great for all rooms, Staircases and Corridors
  • Easy to apply and remove without any residue or marks (providing time guidelines are followed)
  • Suitable for all Cut Pile Carpets

Heavy Duty Plastic Carpet Runner

Heavy Duty PlasticThese Carpet Runners are very Thick and Heavy Duty. They maintain the carpet keeping it clean at all times. The Plastic Carpet Runner product is brilliant for properties with Children and Pets rushing in and out bringing Mud and Dirt into the home. It is also brilliant for High Traffic areas such as Offices, it can be used for a Big surface areas or just simply to be placed under a Office Chair. It can be cut to whatever Size you may require and will not fray giving you a clean cut edge that remains Neat and Tidy.

Thanks to its Clear design you can still see the original Carpets colour underneath so it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. It protects your Carpets from Pram Wheels, Water, Mud and Dirt, the protector can easily be Wiped clean with ease. This product will last you years. It has special Rubber Teeth on the reverse side to ensure that the product stays in place at all times and can be used for as long as you require it and it can usually be Purchased at an affordable price.

Benefits of this product are:

  • Clear in colour (so you can enjoy the look of your carpet still)
  • Built in teeth to keep the mat in place
  • Wipeable surface to make cleaning easy
  • Can be cut down to size
  • 100% Waterproof


EVERBUILD ROLL STROLLThe Everbuild Roll and Stroll range is brilliant for Temporary use when you have Building or Decorating work being complete. Its very Durable and and perfect for protecting your floors from messy, Spillages and Soiling that can and most likely will happen during these maintenance and repair services. It features a Self Adhesive backing and a Heavy duty Anti Slip cross weave to ensure that it won't Rip or Tear. Only to be used on Carpeted surfaces, do not use on Hard surfaces.

Used on Carpeted surfaces this product can be removed without leaving any Sticky Residue. Recommended removal after 4 weeks.



  • Heavy Duty Adhesive backing to make sure it stays where it is put
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Can be removed with ease
  • Will stick to most carpet types
  • Easy to roll and lay down with no need for applicator equipment
  • Heavy duty cross weave for a anti slip and tear proof surface
  • Flameproof
  • 100% safer than your usual Dust Sheet as there is nothing to trip on


scotchgard carpet protectorScotchgard is a Invisible barrier usually in the form of a Spray can, This product will protect your Carpets from future Stains and will help you keep your Carpets looking newer for longer. What makes this product so good is that it does not affect the Feeling of the Look of your Carpet in anyway, no Mats or Coverings that you can see. Once Scotchgard has been applied you won't be able to see that it's there. It's completely Invisible. Its super easy to apply and can be applied so quickly. The best time to apply this product is straight after you have had your Carpets cleaned. So it's recommended to be applied up to every 6 Months. With Scotchgard you get a longer amount of time to clean up any Spills, it prevents the spill from Penetrating the Fibres straight away giving you time to get the necessary Equipment to clean it up. It is not 100% Waterproof but definitely improves the time you have to whip the Spill up. This is an Amazing method for Protecting your Carpets and is Highly Recommended.


  • Repels spills and Blocks stains
  • Spills can be cleaned up with ease
  • Won't change the look or feel of the carpet
  • Can be used on carpets, upholstery and most fabrics
  • Comes in a can spray so easy to apply with no mess
  • Used regularly can improve the life expectancy of your carpet
  • Can be purchased at a brilliant price
  • Available online and is usually offered with most Professional Carpet Cleaning London Services

All of these Protection options are very effective and are Different in many ways. They all have uses for different things and have so many benefits. it's only a small selection of protection methods but as you can see you have a variety of different options for all your different protection needs

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