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Cleaning Process of Silk Rugs and Carpets

So silk carpets and rugs as you may know are extremely delicate and can be somewhat challenging when it comes to cleaning up any spills and stains. Unlike most carpets and rugs where you can just grab some stain removal products, apply and remove the stain in a few minuets, silk carpets and rugs will almost definitely require a lot more time and preparation.

The first thing you need to ensure is that the process itself isn’t going to damage the material. Although the tensile

How To Clean a Carpet By Hand ?

When the carpet is new it’s easy to maintain. Regular vacuum carpet cleaning is enough. And because it’s new we still enjoy it and we use it more carefully to protect it from stains. Over time, however, the floor mat loses its previous form, it pollutes easier and is harder to clean. How to deal with this problem? Is there any easy strategies how to clean a carpet by hand ? Of course! And now we will tell you about some of them.

If for some

4 Carpet Cleaning Products Recommended by Premium Clean

There are so many Carpet Cleaning Products available to you all. Some are extremely expensive and some are very cheap and they all work in their own ways and they all can be applied in different ways too. We’re going to pick a Selection and just tell you a little about them, how they work, how to apply them and the Benefits of each one.

Vax stain shot cleaner

In a handy Spray bottle this Spot stain remover is perfect for easy Application and also great for

Carpet Cleaning Machines – The ProChem Steempro 2000 Powerflo

The ProChem Steempro 2000 Powerflo – One of The Best Carpet Cleaning Machines

When we perform any carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning services we will use only professional carpet cleaning machines available. We want to help you understand more about the amazing equipment for carpet cleaning we use to clean your home so here are some of the great benefits of one of them. 

We believe that using carpet steam cleaning machines, like Karcher or ProChem, is the most effective way of cleaning. It guarantees to kill 100% of bacteria and germs leaving behind carpet fibers that are


When it comes to cleaning products for carpets we are very careful as to what we use, to ensure that the Safest products are used we always use only Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning London Products. We believe that they are the best cleaning products, as they clean fantastically and smell lovely. They are safe for all of our customers – pets, children and even allergy sufferers.

So Eco Friendly (Environmentally Friendly) cleaning products are the key to improving our Health and contribute to saving our planet.

4 Best Carpet Protectors by Premium Clean Ltd.

There are many ways that you can protect your beloved Carpets and help prevent nasty stains and wear. Carpets are a very important part of the home and is one of the most Expensive parts of furnishing your property. Everyone that enters your property is going to see and walk on this Carpet. We’re sure that it’s very important to you are able to offer a great first impression. There are many times that you may need a Carpet Protector and there are so many

Scotchgard Carpet Protector – Invisible Protective Barrier

What is Scotchgard Protector ?

Scotchgard Protector works to repel any type of liquid, without compromising the look and feel of your carpet .  It can even be used anywhere, on your furniture, sofas, rugs, clothes even on your Tent. You want the things you love last, so using Scotchgard helps to make this Possible.

Simply sprayed on, your carpet or upholstery has an invisible protective barrier. Repelling and blocking whatever life has to throw at it, meaning it can look newer for longer. Scotchgard Protector is  also one

How to Keep Your Carpet Clean for Pet Owners

 Having Pets in your Home Doesn’t mean your Carpets are going to be forever ruined. With accumulating Hair,  Stains  and Nasty Smells that seem to accompany most Pets. To help keep you Carpets clean, use a Spot Cleaner,  Urine  Neutraliser and Odor Eliminators for when those Accidents do happen.

 Pet Hair

The main problem with pets is of course the Hair. Pet Hair gets Everywhere, but more so in the Carpets, This can  block or even damage your Vacuum. We suggest using a Pet Grooming Brush on