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What is End of Tenancy Cleaning? What does it include?

What exactly is End of tenancy cleaning? It’s for Tenants or Landlords that require a top to bottom Clean of their property. If you’re a tenant leaving a property you want to make sure that it is left in perfect clean condition, otherwise you may not receive your deposit back when you leave.

If you’re a Landlord you may have been left with a property that hasn’t been cleaned to the standard that is needed to then show the new Tenants. Cleanliness is very important when

7 golden rules for home cleaning

And here we are talking again about home cleaning. Have you had enough of this activity? How much time to you spend on it? Well, this actually is a tricky question. Whether you will spend one hour or a couple of hours in house cleaning, your home will actually depended on your will to make everything shiny, neither of the efforts you will put into this cleaning.

In a great extend, the free time that you have is quite important factor, isn’t it?

How To Clean A Kitchen Step By Step

Despite what we think about the kitchen and that it should be the cleanest place in our homes, reality is far away from that thinking. There is always something that is dirty in the kitchen – signs of the resent meal cooked in the oven, the counterplots can not be cleaned so well, there are sticky sports in the fridge…

How to clean a kitchen fast?

It is almost impossible to keep your kitchen clean for more than a day. There are so many different stains that

How To Get Rid Of Cigarette Smell ?

When leaving the house, however well you handled cleaning if you smoke or you often invited guests’ smokers, then you are facing another problem. The impregnated smell of cigarette smoke! It is true that when cleaning with strong detergents, much of the smell will be gone, but this is not enough. The smoke of the cigarettes tends to drench everywhere, not only in textiles, but also in furniture, even through walls. Airing is not doing enough work. It is therefore necessary to take special measures.

How to clean the house to perfection before you leave?

You decide to leave your current rental housing and move to another? The euphoria about the new home is so great that you don’t even feel how fast you have gathered your luggage.

Everything is loaded into the car and you was about to leave, but suddenly you remember – “What about the deposit?”.  It’s not so easy to forget it, however small the amount, but to face it – the sum is never small. Now you turn sour face, you realize that you have

Dust Cleaning – Getting Rid of Dust at Home

Dust cleaning is one of the biggest challenges we have tried to handle with every day. House dust is enemy number one when it comes to cleanliness at home. Every housewife has tried to find a way to get rid of it, but nevertheless dust is always there. On counters, on furniture, in the ornaments of the decor … everywhere. And to think that dust is one of main problems to blame for much of allergic diseases…

It turns out, unfortunately, that even regular classic house

How To Clean Your Oven

   Not everybody has the time to clean their Oven themselves. For those people, we are here to help. For those of you that do have time, and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, we recommend using a Karcher steam cleaner. There are lots of methods you can find online but we haven’t found any that work as well. We find the steam method to work best when Oven cleaning chemicals don’t quite cut it.

It cuts through the grease easily and also leaves