How to clean the house to perfection before you leave?

You decide to leave your current rental housing and move to another? The euphoria about the new home is so great that you don’t even feel how fast you have gathered your luggage.

Everything is loaded into the car and you was about to leave, but suddenly you remember - "What about the deposit?".  It's not so easy to forget it, however small the amount, but to face it – the sum is never small. Now you turn sour face, you realize that you have to roll up your sleeves and bring everything in the house in perfect form, so that the landlord would not have any objections and you can take your money back. You calm yourself down thinking "what the hell, one end of tenancy cleaning is no big deal."

However, when you take a walk around the house and see what actually awaits your enthusiasm can quickly fade away. Even if you regularly cleaned the house thoroughly, there is still a trace of your stay, which should be dealt with. And if you're not from the people for whom perfect hygiene is paramount, certainly a lot of work is waiting for you now.

Desperate yet? So many things have to be done, you're wondering where to start? And what do you need - what cleaning products?

The last question will answer cleaning experts, in cleaning homes before leaving, from Premium Clean. They will kindly provide you with detailed advice for every corner of the house. Yes, we can’t help you from a distance, just as you read now, but the thought that someone cares for you and will guide you in this hard task is reassuring, is not it? Well, let's begin!

A list of tasks proves to be very useful in any cleaning situation, especially now that you strive for perfection. Don’t look so sceptical. And no, you don’t need to write it down as long as you have clear idea of the sequence of actions. Nevertheless, you can make a list of products that you’ll need before you go to the store, so you don’t forget to buy something.


Are you ready now? You’ve done your shopping and you are armed with sponges, rags and patience? We are also ready to guide you.

We start with kitchen cleaning

  • The corners of the ceiling

The kitchen is one of the "richest" of odours places. All this scents are stratified, even if you regularly have opened windows or have used air fresheners. The aromas of cooking remain on the walls and / or ceiling, wherein the corners are the most common sites for deposition of both as well as dirt. Fortunately commercially available is a very wide range of products for cleaning ceilings - from telescopic rods, on which you can lay a cloth, to extremely strong and efficient cleaning products. But remember before attempting to use cleaners to knock down the cobwebs.

Maybe until now you haven’t noticed them but now you have to get rid of them because one critical look from the landlord and he will notice them and ruin your efforts, even if everything else shines clean!

  • Clean the microwave (if you have one) inside and out

It is a very important part of the kitchen. You've probably seen old microwaves and how dirty they get on the inside - with a brownish tan. This is exactly the result of irregular cleaning (you may have it in mind for your next home). In this small box you cook, bake, warm up, but from all the food different smells stick on the walls of the microwave.

The important thing now is how to bring back its spotless cleanliness. Before you grab a product and begin to scrub hard, try the following trick. In a bowl of water put a few slices of citrus fruit, place in the microwave and turn it on. Do not stop the work of the unit earlier than a minute or two after you notice steam rising. Then gently wipe the walls inside with kitchen paper. If the result does not satisfy you completely, repeat the procedure.

  • Remember the stove and oven

In fact, maybe it was better to start first with it because the method we offer takes time. The method is very simple, you need only ammonia. Pour half a cup of liquid in a porcelain bowl and place in oven for several hours. The fumes that are released will do a great job without having to throw efforts to scrubbing. Layers of dirt are beginning to loosen and fall. Finally, just wipe clean with warm water.

Not by accident we said it was nice to start first with the oven because the ammonia needs at least 5-6 hours to work, and during that time you can clean elsewhere. Not a problem if you delay clearing it - the more it stays, the better. You can cope with tanned spots on the burners by using baking soda. Wet the surface and then evenly sprinkle baking soda. Leave it to stand, but relatively short time - at most an hour and clean the track with damp cloth. However, this method is not recommended for ceramic plates, because baking soda has an abrasive effect and may scratch on delicate surfaces.


  • Wipe the cupboards and shelves

You stand in one place in the kitchen only when you eat or drink coffee in the morning. The rest of the time while you cook, you move around in all corners of the room. This contributes to the release of large amounts of dust and dirt, which most often get stratified on the shelves and upper cabinets. Thorough cleaning of these areas will improve indoor air and give other lustre of the furniture in the kitchen. Do not forget to pass all the cabinets, not just on the shelf and top. Cleaner wood (or whatever material you have the furniture) is a good choice if you want to contribute to the longevity of the material. For faster results moistened with water microfiber cloth works splendidly.

  • Clean cutlery and their places of storage

This you certainly do every time you wash the dishes, but do you wash the court itself, where you keep them? Well, it is now necessary. Whether it is inside the cabinet or a rack, it also needs to be cleaned, especially when a "cleanness Inspection" of the owner is coming.

  • Don't forget the Refrigerator

Empty it completely and clean all sections as best as possible. It is even better to soak them in lukewarm water for a few hours in order to remove the stubborn stains. If you use a cleanser you will not go wrong, just try to rinse it well after you’re done. Soak up the water in the bottom of the refrigerator and leave it for half an hour with the door open. Before all this, of course, unplug the appliance. It would be better to direct your attention to the walls of the refrigerator because they certainly have at least your fingerprints, which were not always clean. Do not forget to clean the floor and under the cooling unit, best vacuum it, to make sure that you have cleaned all the dust that has accumulated.

  • Clean the sink

It’s not enough to clean it with hot water and a rag. Use a proper cleanser for its surface - metal or ceramic. The fact that you use it to dispose all kind of filth is reason enough to take care of its sanitation a little more carefully.

  • Clean the floor

Take a flat mop, the strongest cleaner for floor that you have and gloves. Now arm yourself with patience and begin to scrub the entire area. Give more attention to the places that are difficult to reach. The better you clean any narrow space on the ground, the better your floor will look. When there is still dirt in these areas, it is very likely to spread over exactly from those small spaces - crevices, corners and holes between the kitchen cabinets.

  • Windows Cleaning

They are also a very important part of the kitchen because they provide needed natural light. Have you ever seen a kitchen without windows? Clean every corner, every seal with suitable detergent.

  • Go with vacuum cleaner

Finally we came to that. We could say that we are on the final straight in the kitchen. The vacuum cleaner is recommended, even if you do not have carpet, to make sure there isn’t any dust left. Wondering why all this action is necessary after you have washed the floor? Because surely after implementing the above steps there were debris and the mop was to take away the stains. If you have carpet, it probably also needs a serious cleaning. For the carpet you have two options - either drag it into the bathroom to try to wash it or contact the Premium Clean and hire professional cleaners team. The second option is appealing, don’t you think?

Bathroom Cleaning

  • Clean and sanitize the sink

Start with the most important and key element and spare it special attention. Whether the sink is metal or porcelain it surely bare traces of each washing. The dried drops of water are visible. Unpleasant appearance also bring the remains of cosmetics that are left on the raft. You probably have adequate cleaning product for it - brush the whole sink, rub and leave for a few minutes to soak. You can also use eco products, such as soda, combined with lemon juice. Finally, rinse thoroughly and the sink will shine again.

  • Shower, tub, toilet and everything else

Use suitable disinfectant with water-repellent effect. The aim is both to the sink - to deal with chalk traces of withered water.

  • Wipe the floor

You need a wet cloth and detergent suitable for tiles. Leave this action really for the end to not have a double job because of sanitation of the other elements in the bathroom, the floor will accumulate dirt.

The bedroom cleaning

Since most likely you won’t leave linen in the house after you departure, the landlord will undoubtedly notice if the mattresses were soiled. The easiest thing you can do is pass them thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner. Usually this is enough to suck out the accumulated dust. However, if there are stains, it might be a good idea to seek help from the cleaning company as it may be a harder task. Of course, in this case you may rely on the services of Premium Clean.

  • Clean the dust of the furniture

As in the kitchen, the furniture like tables, chairs, cupboards and bookcases collect much dust. First a wipe with damp cloth. Finally polish with a suitable detergent.

  • Clean the lamp

Standard surface for accumulation of dirt. Be sure to clean it because lamp also gather much dust and cobwebs. The same goes for lighting fixtures throughout the home.

  • Time for windows

Feel free to apply the advice we gave to the windows of your kitchen, the principle is the same.

Remember, before you decide that the bedroom is ready - clean the floor with a vacuum cleaner.

The living room

  • Clean all hard surfaces

This includes chairs, tables, bookcases, shelves, cabinets and etc. They, like all other objects, have gathered various dust, dirt and bacteria. The good news is that cleaning does not take much time and effort. With a damp clean cloth wipe the dust and then with a dry cloth and suitable for the surface product repeat the wiping. Ready to move on.

  • Clean the flooring

Depending on the type of surface clean with a dry or wet cloth (parquet and laminate don’t like water). Focus more on corners and borders of floors and walls because there is collected most of the dirt.

  • Vacuum and windows ... again

Why it is necessary we don’t need to comment - we have already explained several times, let's not dwell on it. Do not forget about the windows in the living room.

Corridors, stairs and entrance

Remove all floor coverings, beat the dust off and leave them out in the sun.

Since these places are most polluted, the better you clean the base, the better your efforts will be visible.

Clean all shelves - those where you keep makeup and / or cosmetics, the shelves for shoes, as well as any object hanging on the walls. Almost every home has a mirror in the hallway - do not miss it. For its sanitation you can use product for glass surfaces.

Well, you're ready. With this "small" detail that saying is much easier than doing. It is not impossible, of course, but you'll need a few hours, at least a day to clean everywhere. And the efforts that will have to invest, won’t be quite a few. Perhaps you should think about hiring a London cleaning company before leaving the home, even perhaps Premium Clean.