Cleaning Kitchen or Bathroom With Lemon


Basically just squeeze Lemon Juice into some Water, even throw in the Rinds after, and Microwave. You will soon notice the condensation from the boiling Liquid appearing on the sides, the Natural Cleaning Agents in the Lemon Juice will Dissolve Dried on foods and loosen any Gunk built up. Once done, You just need to wipe away with a Damp Cloth. Simple. This is very useful when its time for the end of tenancy cleaning.

Here’s How its Done

  1. Pour half a cup of Water into a Bowl.
  2. Cut a Lemon into two halves, Squeeze as much of Lemon Juice into the bowl of Water. Once Squeezed, place the two halves into the Bowl as well.
  3. Place Bowl in the Microwave, Microwave at Full Power for around 3-4 Minutes, so the Liquid starts to Boil.
  4. Leave the Bowl inside the Microwave for 5 Minutes to allow the Steam inside to loosen the Food and Grime.
  5. Simply wipe clean with a Dry or Damp Cloth. If there is any Stubborn Spots left over you can just Wet the Cloth using the Lemon Water from the Bowl, and give a little Scrub.



Whether used in the Kitchen or purely for display purposes. Copper looks great when brought back to its Shiny Condition. Your Likely to have these two ingredients in your Pantry already, Lemon and Salt are a Great Combination when it comes to Cleaning. Simply add the Salt to a Sliced Lemon and use that Lemon to Scrub at the Pot, Pan etc. You can also squeeze the Lemon into a bowl and add the Salt to make a Paste which can be left to soak on stubborn dried on foods.

  1. Slice Lemon in Half and use as though it was a Sponge or Cloth, adding Salt as often as needed, until area is Clean.
  2. If needed, You can Squeeze the Lemon into a Bowl and add Salt to form a Paste, for Tougher areas. Apply the Paste to the Lemon and Scrub as needed. You can also leave the Paste to Soak on the more Difficult areas.
  3. Rinse thoroughly using warm Water and Dry, Buffing with Dry Clean Cloth for Best Results.

Please Note: This method does not work with Lacquered Copper, Please check before you try this method.

Wooden Chopping Board

Even when Cleaned after use, we recommend this method once a week, if used regularly. You will see why by the Results. A Dirty Sludge that you will be scraping away after. Also you can add some Baking Soda to the mix.

  1. Shake Salt over the Chopping Board.
  2. Using the cut side down of the Lemon, Scrub the Board, Squeezing the Lemon whilst you do so.
  3. Once Scrubbed the whole of the Board, leave the paste to soak for 10 Minutes.
  4. Scrape away the Paste.
  5. Give the Board a Rinse with Warm Water and Dry.


Worktop / Butchers Block

Removing Stains in itself can be a Challenge. Here are 2 Methods, One Being for Lighter Stains using the same Method as the Cutting Board and the Other for Darker Stains adding Hydrogen Peroxide and White Vinegar.

Lighter Stains

  1. Shake Salt over the Stain, Covering all of it.
  2. Slice the Lemon on Half, Squeeze the Juices into the Salt Forming a Paste.
  3. Rub the Paste into the Stain using the Half of the Lemon as a Scrubber.
  4. Leave the Paste to soak overnight
  5. Rinse off using Warm Water.

Darker Stains

  1. Pour Warm Water into a Glass.
  2. Add 1 tablespoon of Hydrogen Peroxide.
  3. Dab All Over the Stain.
  4. Dab again using White Vinegar.

You can now use Salt and Lemon Method as well if you wish.

  1. Wipe down thoroughly with a clean Cloth.



Simply Blend a Lemon with some Dishwashing Liquid for a Sparkling Shiny Finish.


Again, Simply use a Used Lemon to Polish up to Streak Free Shine. Add Salt if you have any Rust marks appearing.

Plastic Tubs/Containers

Rub a Lemon over the sides to Clean and Remove bad Smells, Rinse after.

Make You Own All Purpose Kitchen/Bathroom Cleaner

This works with any Citrus, Lemon, Orange, Lime Peelings…  and Vinegar. Not Only do the Citrus Peels Smell Great, they Provide Extra Cleaning Power.

  1. Instead of throwing away the Peelings of your Citrus, Save them into a Large Sealable Jar.
  2. When the Jar is Half Full, Fill the Jar with Vinegar. Seal the Jar up again and leave somewhere for at Least 2 weeks to allow the Citrus to Infuse with the Vinegar, The Longer you leave it the Better.
  3. When you are ready to use, place a Fine Mesh Sieve over a Bowl and Pour the Liquid from the Jar into the Bowl. Dispose of the Peels.
  4. Pour the Liquid from the Bowl into a Spray Bottle and use as you would any other All Purpose Cleaner.

Try this the next time you have to do the end of tenancy cleaning.

Removing Soapy Scum

Soap Scum forms when the Soap Residue Combines with the Minerals in the Tap Water. This layer of Greyish/White Film covers itself on Tiles, Toilets, Floors, Fixings etc. Try Slices a Lemon in Half and Rubbing it over the Affected Areas. The Acids in the Citrus Fruit breaks down the Dirt and Bacteria. To avoid the build up of Soap Scum, Always rinse thoroughly after each use.

Build Of Rust Stains

Rust begins to form when the Iron on Bathroom or Kitchen fixtures start to corrode. Its Important to remove these Ugly Brown Stains as soon as they start to appear. Rubbing a Cut Lemon over these areas until they are gone is an easy solution. If the Rust is worse you can create a Paste by squeezing Lemon Juice into some Laundry Powder, then work into the Rusted Area.

Stained Toilets

Using the same Paste Method above, Mixing Lemon Juice with Stain Remover Laundry Power, apply to a Scouring Sponge and Scrub that Toilet. Not the most enjoyable part of Cleaning but it will be worth it. The Laundry Powder will help remove the Stains as it would to the Stains on your Clothes.

Mildew Remover

Mildew forms mostly in Damp, Warm environments, so the Bathroom is the most common place to find Mildew. In The Bathtub, Shower Cubicles, or Curtains. Mildew can be harmful to your health if Exposed to too much, causing problem to the Respiratory System.

To Remove Mineral and Mildew Stains, Soak in Salty Water for 20-30 minutes. Rub the Stain with a Sliced Lemon . Rinse and Wipe Clean with a Wet Cloth or Sponge.

Glass / Window Cleaner

You can make your own Glass or Window Cleaner by Simply adding the Following Ingredients to a Spray Bottle of Water. ¼ Teaspoon of Dishwasher Liquid, ½ Cup or Rubbing Alcohol and 3 Tablespoons of Lemon Juice. Mix all these ingredients together and Shake Well. That’s it, your very own Glass & Window Cleaner without the Harsh Chemicals.

If you can't handle with all dirt in your bathroom or kitchen with lemon, just book our end of tenancy cleaning London service and we will take care for them.

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