Cleaning Services Hampstead, NW3

Professional Cleaning Services Hampstead, London by High-Quality Domestic Cleaners

Are you in Need of a Reliable, Professional, Trusted Cleaning Company? Does your property need a Spring Clean? Or do you have a Pesky Stain that you are fed up of seeing? Well, Premium clean is your answer to all your cleaning needs.

Premium Clean is a family run Domestic Cleaning London Business, that performs at the Highest level of Attention to Detail, serving all you seeking a professional clean in and around the surrounding areas of London.

We provide Brilliant services such as After Building Cleaning London, Carpet Cleaning London /Rug Steaming, Window Cleaning and End of Tenancy Cleaning and This is just a small Selection of our services available to you. Everyday Tenants and even some of the Biggest Business Owners around, And we have a very Reliant Team that will scrub and clean every inch of the selected property be it a Flat, Restaurant, House or Office. We will clean wherever and whatever  you want us to clean.

Our Upholstery Cleaning London Service is a Deep Cleanse for all kinds of materials, fabric or surfaces.This includes Sofas,Mattresses, Chairs, Curtains, and more. Not a lot of people realize how much Dust is created on a day to day basis, Everything that we do in a day creates some sort of dust or dirt and germs even though we can't always necessarily see it, Most people will run a Duster over Surfaces and wala its clean and the same goes with your carpets, most people will simply vacuum and that's it they think that it's clean, but do you ever take a Closer look at your carpets, Sofa Fabric or Curtains and Drapes? Well Dust, dirt and Odors settle deep into the fabric fibres and you can't always see or smell it, this means that among the dust mites there is bacteria and dirt that can cause all sorts of serious health problems. Dust can cause problems such as:

  • Irritation of the Eyes
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Hayfever
  • Asthma Attacks.

And for people that breath these Harmful amounts of Dust in everyday can Eventually end up with Reduced lung Function in the long term and it will also Contribute to disorders like Chronic Bronchitis and Heart and Lung disorders. So when it comes to cleaning Properly it really is important not just for the looks of your home but for your Health as well.

When we clean your Hard floors we will always use a Disinfectant chemical to make sure that the floor is left Hygienic clean because we know that this important Especially  for homes with Children and Babies. Babies and Toddlers  spend most of their time on the floor Playing with Toys, Eating their Snacks and just simply Exploring, we all know that they like to Explore things with their Mouths which means you want to make sure whatever has been on your Floors has been on a Bacteria free surface, So that it's safe to be put into their mouths. We think this is Extremely important as well, we want your Children to remain safe from Bacteria and Germs too. Which is why we will only use safe products for them to be around.

Our cleaners will Steam clean your Sofas and Curtains as this is the most Effective way to Ensure that 100%Bacteria is Killed and Odurs Neutralised, We don't even need to take your Curtains down we will clean them whilst they are still hanging and the results are Fabulous smelling and Spotlessly clean Curtains.    

Any Chemicals that we use are 100% Eco Friendly so rest assure the planet is safe with us and for Allergy Sufferers everything we use is perfectly safe. Our Equipment comes included in the package we don't charge extra for any Products or Equipment and our ProChem steemPro 2000  Steamer is one of the best Carpet/Upholstery  Steamers out there. With this Machine we will Transform your Carpets from the old stained dull Carpet you know into an Immaculate Bright Fresh smelling Masterpiece.We Guarantee Pristine results with the reassurance of a second clean FREE of charge if you are in any way unhappy with our results.

So many customers that have been cleaning their own home for years realised after reciving any of our Services that cleaning is alot more Complex than they ever realised.It takes more than a Cloth and some Bleach to get Outstanding results, But we have all the correct Teqniques and Equiptment to tackle any situaton presented to us. Our cleaners are Fully Trained, Fully Insured and very Passionate about cleaning.

Our Booking Service is now so easy, why hesitate, Contact us now and make the booking that will change your property forever, Once you've booked with us you won't ever go back to cleaning your property yourself  again, So visit our Website for a Live Chat or Email our Friendly Team at Premium Clean Today.