Differences Between End of Tenancy and Domestic Cleaning

End of tenancy cleaning in London and household cleaning are two different things, although they are often taken as "intertwined" and sound a little confusing to customers. Continue reading below to learn about the nature of cleaning procedures and the most significant differences between them. This way the picture will become clearer to you!

So, you can hire professionals to clean everything and every corner of your home or rental home. Get acquainted in advance with some important features in their work, because this way you will learn essential information that will be useful to you as well. Starting with how you should prepare the property, what price to expect, how much time, etc.

What are tenant cleaning services and home cleaning services?

The essence of the services "final cleaning of a rental property" and regular cleaning is important for each of you who are considering hiring a professional cleaning company in this field. What the two have in common is that this type of hygiene guarantees you brilliant results without effort. 

And now, first of all, let's explain the basis of each of the cleaning services:

end of tenancy cleaning kitchen

What is an end of tenancy cleaning of a property?

This type of service, by its nature, is a deep sanitation performed by a team of cleaning professionals. It was created by professional cleaning companies to help tenants, landlords' agencies or directly the owners. The goal is to bring a property in good condition for a smooth next lease or sale.  

The practical skills and knowledge of the specialists contribute to the achievement of the mission - quickly and efficiently. During the end of tenancy cleaning, the most important thing is to follow the checklist prepared at the beginning of the tenants' application. In this way the type in which the tenant has settled is achieved. Quality cleaning is a sign that the tenant's deposit will return to his hands. That is why the service is most often used by tenants.

What is a domestic cleaning?

The other type of cleaning - domestic cleaning - it can be a one-time service or in the form of an annual or other type of subscription. It is usually not as precise and is performed by a cleaning specialist. Includes typical hygiene duties familiar to many housewives. These include vacuuming, washing, wiping surfaces and removing cobwebs, disinfection and more. 

Here's what both types of home cleaning include:

  • Disposable home cleaning - This type of cleaning is also known as "spring cleaning", "cleaning before or after a party", etc. Here the cleaning is more precise and the service is a bit more expensive, but you save a lot of effort and time. The provision of detergents, machines and additional consumables is the responsibility of the cleaning company.
  • Regular home cleaning - here the agreement is between the property owner and the cleaning company. By regular is meant cleaning once a week or every two weeks. In this type, the provision of cleaning materials and other equipment is the responsibility of the household. The price includes only the cleaning process.

Differences between end of tenancy cleaning and domestic cleaning

end of tenancy cleaning central londonYou are sure that you can't do it as brilliantly as an experienced assistant. You have probably tried all sorts of cleaning techniques, homemade detergents, aggressive chemicals, etc., but without such success. The truth is that professional equipment and cleaning products are at a completely different level of quality. In addition, they are environmentally friendly and smell extremely fresh. 

And here come a few significant differences, covering the cleaning technology and the materials used for it. Landlords require extremely deep cleaning in order to be able to offer their property in a clean and tidy form for new tenants. 

We can provide it for you because we go through every corner and we know what techniques to apply to help return your deposit:

  • Cleaning products - unsuccessful cleaning at home is a sign that the owner will try something. This can not only take a lot of time and effort, but also damage some surfaces. Professional cleaning at the end of the lease includes the use of specialized machines, as well as a variety of detergents designed for a specific type of furniture, carpets and others that successfully remove dirt in the property.
  • Carpet cleaning - very aggressive and reliable carpet cleaning techniques are used, which could not be achieved at home. It starts with a good vacuum, extracting dirt with steam or "dry cleaning" for more delicate materials.
  • Get your deposit back - tenants would often neglect limestone cleaning, but not professionals. Self-cleaning would be very time consuming and often with poor results.
  • Cleaning of hard-to-reach places and other places that are neglected by household cleaning - the eye of a specialist looks differently, he will not leave any corner uncleaned in the service "cleaning at the end of the rent". Our teams can handle any pollution, no matter where it is, because we have the highest class of cleaning equipment.
  • A checklist - By providing a checklist to employees for cleaning, the original appearance of the interior of the property is guaranteed to be achieved. Unless the tenants did too much damage and did not take care of the cleanliness at all during the period in which they lived. Regular or periodic cleaning does not follow a checklist.
  • Schedule and fees - while home cleaning involves a period of time, usually an hourly rate of 3 hours, cleaning at the end of the rental depends on other parameters. The time the team is on site depends on both the client's requirements and the coverage of the checklist. The prices for the final cleaning are fixed according to the size of the property and are determined in advance. The fee is higher compared to household cleaning, as the work is much more.

Well, you are already aware of the differences between the two types of cleaning. You can immediately pick up the phone and hire a professional company for the appropriate type of cleaning, so as not to save all these efforts and headaches. 

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