Domestic Cleaning Services

Domestic Cleaning Services in London by Premium Clean Ltd.

Premium Clean are very proud to be able to offer a fabulous Domestic Cleaning Services for all of you that simply don't have time to clean or  just don't want to. House cleaning can take up a lot of your time and is usually the last thing in everyone's list of things to do.

We know that some people's days at work can be very long and tiring. So the last thing you want to be doing is scrubbing your Toilet in the early hours of the morning or late in the evening. Our highly booked and asked for House Cleaning Services London are Precise and thorough.

Everything that we end up moving to be cleaned during our Residential Cleaning Services will be handled with the Highest amount of care and will be placed straight back into its original place. Any Woodwork will be cleaned with chemicals made for its type to ensure no damage is caused. When you come home it will look pristine and smell beautiful with everything as it was left.

Our team of highly trained house cleaners are very friendly, trustworthy and have been put through the best maid services and chemical usage training courses available. They have all passed with flying colors and have learnt the understanding of use for every chemical that we use. So you can be positive that nothing will be damaged whilst your belongings are in our hands.

When you book our house cleaning service London we will ensure that the following tasks are completed:

  • All of the Floors will be Vacuumed and Mopped where necessary;
  • All of the Worktops, Tables, Sideboards and Cabinets will be Wiped, Disinfected and Polished if required;
  • Any Toilets, Bathtubs, Tiles and Showers will be Descaled and cleaned with the correct Chemicals for the job;
  • Any Picture Frames, Mirrors, Ornaments and the outer surfaces of Appliances such as Fridge/Freezer, Washing Machine etc will be Cleaned and or Dusted;
  • All Skirting Boards, Doors and Door Frames, Windows and Window Frames will be Cleaned and Polished;
  • All visible Pipework and Radiators Wiped down and or Dusted;
  • All Kitchen and Cabinet Cupboard doors Dusted and or Disinfected;
  • Any (arranged with you) Ironing you may require to be done;
  • All  Worktop appliances such as Microwaves, Toaster, Canisters, Kettles and Sinks will be Wiped down and Disinfected;
  • Any left over Washing up of Dishes etc cleaned thoroughly;
  • Removal of any Cobwebs High and Low;
  • All Rubbish bins emptied and Disposed of Correctly.

We will also take special care to the carpets with our Professional Carpet Cleaning service. As certified carpet cleaners we will extract all stains and dust from your carpet leaving it perfectly cleaned.

How much does it cost ?

The best part is that  we offer these domestic cleaning services at an amazingly affordable fair price. We charge this service by the hour rather than a set price. The reason is very simple - some properties require a longer amount of time to be cleaned than others.  This doesn't mean we wont clean as fast as we can. We want it to be as little a disruption to your day as possible.

Our main priority as a cleaning company in London is making sure that you the customer is completely satisfied with every aspect of the home cleaning services in London.  So to ensure that you are 100% happy, once the clean is complete if you for any reason believe we could have done a better job just contact us and we can discuss whether a re-clean is necessary. If this is the case we will reschedule for our cleaners to come back and re-clean the disappointing areas FREE of charge. We believe this is very unlikely as our cleaners take such pride in their service to you. It is very important to them to do the best job possible.

When it comes to our products we will only use Eco Friendly Cleaning Chemicals and Detergents. All of them are also 100% Safe for children, pets and allergy sufferers. This is to ensure that whether you're there when we clean or not that it is Safe from Fumes and Toxins. When we attend the clean at the time and date that you have agreed with, you will not need to do anything other than give us access to the Property. We bring all materials and equipment with us at no additional charge. We will also pay for our own parking if necessary.
We have a Growing reputation at Premium Clean and we want to Spread our domestic cleaning services as far as possible. We want to be able to provide them to all Customers - whether you're a Business owner or a Homeowner  that doesn't have time to do house cleaning. That is why we are here so you can get on with your life whilst being able to Enjoy your Business or Property to its full Potential.

It is of course very important to maintain a clean property for great first and lasting impressions and even more Importantly for your Health. Sometimes Dust and Dirt particles cannot be seen and they build up rapidly when not cleaned regularly. This can cause some serious health issues such as breathing complications, weakening of the immune System and so on.  Homes with children and pets can get dirty a lot quicker. Potential hazards are caused for babies and toddlers as mud, leaves and germs are dragged into your homes and onto your floors everyday. We can Guarantee that every part of your home will be cleaned so that no dirt or dust is left behind, giving maximum cleanliness and safety to you and your children.

As a professional cleaning company in London, we have made it so straightforward and easy to contact and book us for our services, and we offer a FREE quoting service. So that we can discuss the hourly house cleaning rates  and if they are too high you don't have to book.  You can also book us for a FREE Consultation if you are unsure on anything.

You can also go and check out some of our previous Reviews and Outstanding comments on the Checkatrade Website. We are fully registered and insured and we have some amazing feedback from previous and current customers. We have built up a 5 Star Rating and we have worked very very hard to Achieve this. So we want to do everything possible to maintain and keep to this high level of Cleaning Standard. We have cleaned and still continue to clean for some of the biggest agents and businesses in and around London. We give the same amount of Brilliance to the One off Cleans as we do for our Regular customers.

We have tried to branch out and have a wide area to which we offer our cleaning Services. We clean for most areas inside of London as well as some that are Surrounding. This means that more of you can benefit from our high quality, Professional Cleaning Services. So you can finally Stop hunting for the perfect cleaners for you. We promise you won't be disappointed and won't need to look anymore for better cleaning services. Let us at Premium Clean show you how beautiful you property/ business can look. You will want to show off the results to all your customers, friends and family.

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Weekly CleanFortnightly CleanMonthly Clean
£14 per hour£15 per hour£16 per hour
The Price Includes VAT and Materials, but not Hoover, Mop & Bucket,

*** Minimum 4 hours per Visit ***

At Premium Clean Ltd. we use Only Eco-Friendly Products!

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