Dust Cleaning – Getting Rid of Dust at Home

dust cleaningDust cleaning is one of the biggest challenges we have tried to handle with every day. House dust is enemy number one when it comes to cleanliness at home. Every housewife has tried to find a way to get rid of it, but nevertheless dust is always there. On counters, on furniture, in the ornaments of the decor ... everywhere. And to think that dust is one of main problems to blame for much of allergic diseases...

It turns out, unfortunately, that even regular classic house cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and a rag is not a guarantee for dealing with dust. Therefore Premium Clean offers some dust cleaning tips on how to reduce the penetration and accumulation of the annoying particles. 


No to the dust cleaning brushes with synthetic fibres! 

Yeah, you know what we mean a dust cleaning brush - plastic sticks, with "shaggy" man-made fibres in a variety of colours. At first glance it seems that this dust cleaning tool is very effective in cleaning the dust, but only at first glance. In practice, this type of brush is not helpful, as there is no way to absorb the dust (or at least the majority of it), but only scatters it through the air. Much more useful would be slightly damp plain cotton cloth because dust will stick to it. That work would be done wonderfully even with household wipes.

Without air flow

We all like to open the window while cleaning or after we are done to let fresh air in - it is understandable, even desirable to happen at least once a day. But what we should avoid is current. You risk not only a cold, but also dust being spread among all rooms.

With more attention to textiles

While removing dust, don’t skip a nice tapping of the decorative pillows and furniture covers. Such kind of textiles collected quite a large amount of household dust. It would be also useful frequent change of linen, curtains and drapes, while washing them remember to add antistatic fabric softener. We can’t stop there with textile - be sure to take care of plush toys in the children room. Every child loves them and can’t hide them without getting the little child angry. However, you can minimize dust on the toys by storing them in a special box or basket.


Moisture is a prerequisite for the formation of mould and that negative feature should not be underestimated. On the other hand, increased moisture levels in a room means less static electricity, which leads to less dust on furniture and appliances.

Dust Cleaning Without delusions for the floor

dust-cleanMany housewives believe that laminate flooring attracts more dust particles compared to carpets. Well, this is an illusion. The truth is that dust gets stacked everywhere, it’s just more visible an easier to clean on laminate. It is not visible how much dust is in and on the carpet until it needs cleaning.

Speaking of carpet and dust, it is impossible not to mention the vacuum cleaner - favourite device of any housewife. And for good reason - thanks to it cleaning is easier and faster. Still, do you clean your carpets properly?

Using a vacuum cleaner is very easy, but it is also easy to make some basic errors. Here are some examples:

You don’t clean regularly the vacuum bag

From the moment you turn off the vacuum cleaner and blissfully imagine how you will relax you hardly think to change the bag. Even if you remember you catch yourself saying "I’ll change it next time". Next time, however, history repeats itself.

Uncleansed bag is the most common and dangerous mistake. This not only reduces the intake capacity of the cleaning device, but can lead to overheating and engine damage. If your vacuum cleaner uses disposable paper bags you should replace it with a new one when it gets full to ¾ of its volume. Fabric bags you should clean after each use.

Do you check the filter?



Every vacuum cleaner has a filter. It is one of its most important elements, and if it’s properly maintained, it can purify the air in the room. It is impossible to use effectively cleaning device if the filter itself is buried in dust. Fortunately, it doesn’t need such frequent change as the bag, but if it is visibly dirty or torn, you should change it with a new one.

Use only one attachment

Not surprisingly, every vacuum cleaner has several attachments. As you know, they are used for different surfaces. However many housewives get used to only one nozzle and forget about the rest. And they shouldn’t. Attachments can be very good assistants to make cleaning more efficient. They can extract dust from hard to reach places and corners at home. Lampshades, sills, cornices and many others will no longer buried in dust.

Do you clean the tip?

Every home has it - hair, animal or human. And is exactly what the vacuum cleaner is for! But how does it affect them? Have you noticed the suction power is minimal or not so effective even when you increase power? This is due to the hairs, which roll into a ball and gets nested into the nozzle or tube (or both). Check regularly that doesn’t happened to your vacuum cleaner, otherwise it may lead to unpleasant consequences. You will risk the engine to overheat and / or burn.

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