When it comes to cleaning products for carpets we are very careful as to what we use, to ensure that the Safest products are used we always use only Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning London Products. We believe that they are the best cleaning products, as they clean fantastically and smell lovely. They are safe for all of our customers - pets, children and even allergy sufferers.

So Eco Friendly (Environmentally Friendly) cleaning products are the key to improving our Health and contribute to saving our planet. Now Eco Friendly carpet cleaning products have been around a lot longer than a lot of you may realise. These methods of Safe cleaning are essential for Baby safe cleaning because all of the ingredients are natural. Now Eco Friendly means products that inflict No threat to the environment. Products that conserve and protect natural resources like water and energy. They have the least negative impacts on Land, Water and Air.

When we clean the Indoor air contains pollutants that are up to 100 Times higher than the Outside air levels. This is why when we clean we must make sure there is a Steady breeze of Fresh air so that the air full of all those horrible Chemicals from Non Eco Friendly products can be swept out the window. You don't get this problem with Eco Friendly products. Most chemicals and brands that are brought from the shelves contain Toxic chemicals that can lead to some Serious health problems, Ammonia can Burn and Bleach can Irritate your Skin, Eyes and Respiratory Tract. Why would you take this risk when it's so easy to make your own cleaning products or simply buy Eco Friendly if you don't have the time to do so.

So when it comes to cleaning your Carpets here are a few Eco Friendly products that we at Premiumclean recommend to you, you can rely on, and a little bit about them:


baking-sodaThis product is a Old time classic and has been around for many years providing an all natural cleaning solution. This product is fantastic for cleaning your carpets. As an added bonus contains a deodorizing agent that will get rid of all Horrible smells leaving your carpets looking fantastic and smelling amazing. It's so simple to use as well simply by Shaking it onto the carpet, letting it sit for however long you like and then Vacuuming it up like you would vacumm on any other day.




biokleen-carpet-and-rug-shampoo-concentrate-6-countThis product is 100% Plant based, you can't get more Greener than this. It contains Enzymes that are designed to power through the toughest Dirt on and in your carpets fibres. Whilst it powers through these tough Dirt particles it does so in a Gentle manner and will not leave any harsh Residues behind. And the best part about this product is that it can be used in all types of carpet cleaning machines. You don't have to go and buy a specific machine to use it, because it's 3x Concentrated it also reduces Wasteful packaging and saves valuable Resources like energy and fuel. This product can give you a Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning with minimal cost and effort.


If you're looking for a great Smelling and Gentle on your carpets carpet cleaner this is a great solution, it's Ecologically cleaner with a beautiful Bergamot and Sage scent to provide you entire home with a beautiful smell. It contains Powerful plant based Replenishable ingredients that are proven to remove even the Toughest of Girt, Grime, Stains and Odors. It can be used in all carpet cleaning machines and is compatible for Hot or Cold water Extraction machines.


prochem-natural-carpet-cleanerThis product can only be used in professional carpet cleaning machines, this means that you are Guaranteed to get professional results. Its concentrated to ensure that a little goes a longer way saving the amount that you have to use each time. It offers a gently clean for most carpet types and has been awarded a gold level in cleaning performance. It is commonly used with a natural carpet Pre Spray to help aid in the Stain removal. ProChem offer a massive range of different products and they are all environmentally and user friendly guaranteeing. They offer Phosphate free formula mixed with all natural fragrances including Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Tea Tree and Lavender. They also provide a natural carpet Deodorizer with the fragrances of Orange and Peppermint. There is no doubt that with these carpet cleaning products you will have a infused mixture of beautiful smells on your carpets.

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