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Chelsea is an area located in South-West London facing the River Thames. It is home to cool restaurants, shops and galleries. The area also has a number of high class properties as well as small apartments with beautiful river views.

end of tenancy cleaning chelseaThe demand for rent in the area is very high, leading to the need for an End to the Tenancy Cleaning. Each Cleaning Service is typical of complexity and intensity. We must make every effort to turn the former premises into tidy and clean properties again.

It has to be exactly how it was when they first settled down in order to get their full deposit back. If you want to continue to have a good relationship with your landlord, even when you are about to move out, do your best for the sake of perfect cleanliness in your temporary home.

This will be appropriately priced and as a proof of this will be the returned deposit you paid at the outset. For this reason, we even advise you to hire a professional cleaning company to keep your former property clean.

Before we start dealing with the End of Tenancy Cleaning, we need to know where to start

First, we need to make sure that all our personal belongings have been moved to our new home, where we will live in the future. Before hiring a professional cleaning company, we need to check for any damage caused by accident . If there are any, we have to fix them, but if that is not possible we will have to pay them.

As mentioned above Chelsea offers very executive homes where there can be a large 4 bedroom house next to the studio. In both cases, we must work diligently, as most of the properties in the area, small or large, can be completed to a high standard and require special care so as not to cause damage that can be costly to our company.

For best results, we recommend cleaning from left to right, back to front, and top to bottom. Start with the areas that usually benefit most, such as kitchens and bathrooms, as it will take a long time to bring these areas to a good standard. First, spray the oven and let the product run off the grease for easier wiping and cleaning afterwards.

All appliances that are present in the kitchen are usually included in the End Tenancy Cleaning Service. Bathrooms are other areas that require special attention, as scale removal and tile cleaning are always necessary.

Cleaning all cupboards, wardrobes and all other furniture, removal of cobwebs and dust on all walls, window sills, skirting boards and eaves. Carefully clean the windows inside and out. If there are blinds, this is always a time-consuming task as it is usually one of those areas in the property where we do not pay too much attention to our regular weekly cleaning. And it can get very dusty over time.

Cleaning the end of the lease is very important for the clean and presentable way of the property when it is offered for rent

If you are a landlord or real estate agent, you know that showing a clean apartment or house means a better chance for a tenant to sign the lease.

To ensure that the next tenant is satisfied with the cleanliness of their new place, Premium Clean provides a 100% guarantee to meet all your cleaning needs. We believe that our customers should not be burdened with the research and cost of cleaning products. With over 10 years of experience, Premium Clean provides all the equipment and supplies to service your home. We will make our professional recommendation and provide all the details of the products we use and you have the right to approve or request different products. Eco-Friendly products are also available on request.

We acknowledge that each customer has specific concerns about their End of Tenancy Cleaning London Service. Premium Clean will be happy to provide you with a free estimate by phone depending on your needs. We also offer site visits where we can provide more defined offers based on the size and condition of the property. You can advise what your requirements are and what areas may need special attention.

Our staff is fully trained and insured. We do not subcontract, so every member of our staff is hired directly by our company. We offer training methods for our employees to work safely and effectively to provide excellent service and to meet all our customers’ needs.

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