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What is End of Tenancy Cleaning?

When the Tenants or Owners are Moving in or out of a property, they will require a Deep Cleaning of the property. So it is representable to the New Tenants or Owners.

Do I Need To Do It?

Most of the time Yes, if you do not leave the property in a clean and representable condition you may loose you deposit, The owner or estate agent will keep your deposit in order to pay for their cleaning company to carry out the clean.

Do You Guarantee We Will Get Our Deposit Back?

Only if it is in Regards to the Cleaning Service we Provided. We cannot Guarantee your deposit back if you have damaged something for example. If there is a problem with the Cleaning Service we will of course return and re-Clean the area in question, free of charge.

Do You Clean Windows From The Outside?

We clean the Windows outside from the inside, where possible and safe to do so. We can also offer an external window cleaning service for an extra charge.

Do You Require a Deposit?

Normally payment is Cash or Cheque on completion, however if you would like to pay by Card then yes a 50% deposit is required, which is Non-Refundable unless cancelled within 24hours before the clean starts.

Do You Have A Cancellation Fee?

A 24 hour notice is required if the Customer wishes to Cancel, Re-Schedule or Amend a Booking. The Customer Agrees to pay £50 of the Total if He/She wishes to Cancel or Re-Schedule less than 24 hours prior to the Scheduled Appointment. In the Event the Cleaners are asked to leave, No body is at the Property, or there is No Water and/or Power at the Property, Customer agrees to Pay Full Price.

Do You Provide Cleaning Materials and Equipment?

Yes, We provide only the Best Materials & Equipment on the market today. The key to a Professional clean is to use Professional Materials & Equipment.

Is the Oven Cleaning Included?

Yes. The Oven cleaning is a very important part of end of tenancy cleaning, We put a lot of focus on the oven.

How Long Does End of Tenancy Cleaning Take?

This Depends on the size of the property and how dirty it is. All properties are different, for Example, a 2 bed flat on single level, takes 2 cleaners 4-5 hours normally.

Is VAT Included?

Yes, All of our are including VAT.

What Is Your Availability?

We are Very flexible, we can do a clean on short notice, our start times are from 08:00- Late if needed. We work on Weekends and All bank holidays for no extra charge.

Do Your Cleaners Speak English?

Most of our Cleaners Speak very good English, Some just Basic. But you needn’t worry you can always contact the Office if you have any questions.

Do I Have To Defrost My Freezer In Advance?

We charge £30 extra to defrost the freezer, so it is a good idea to let the freezer defrost over night. NOTICE: Please be aware of where the Water will go when it has defrosted, we wouldn’t want a flood, or below neighbours to be flooded.

Is There Any Hidden Charges?

Yes, All of Our Prices are including Materials, Equipment & Parking etc. Congestion and Parking may apply if any.

Is The Carpet And/Or Upholstery Cleaning Included?

No, Carpet and/or Upholstery cleaning is at an additional cost.

Do You Have A Guarantee If I Am Unhappy?

Yes, If for any reason, you, your landlord, Estate agent are not happy with anything, we will of course return to re-clean Free of charge.

How Do I Book?

There are many ways to book  with us, the best way is from the websites Contact us tab, additionally you can book over the phone, via email or even Facebook.

How Do I Pay?

Normally Payment is Cash or Cheque on completion, however you can pay by Card which we will require a 50% deposit which is Non-Refundable unless cancelled within 24hours before the clean starts.

Do You Give A Company Receipt On Completion?

Yes, our cleaners will provide you with a Company Receipt at the end of the clean.

What Happens If Anything Is Damaged?

Our cleaners are Fully Insured, if anything is accidently broken, we will pay for it or team of builders will repair damages if needed. This doesn’t effect the price or payment of the clean itself.

Do You De-Grease The Kitchen Appliances?

Yes, using special products we de-grease all appliances , cupboards, wall tiles, extractor, hobs etc.

How Do You Gain Access If I’m Not Available?

If possible you can leave keys with concierge or neighbour. We can even pick them up from Estate agents and drop them back. Or simply leave inside the property when have finished. Ensuring all windows and doors are closed and locked where possible.

Do I Have To Be Present Through-out The Clean?

No, You do not have to be present during the clean, you can allow access, pay to the cleaners, if cash or cheque is payment method, and then you can leave. Or if you wish we can contact you before the clean finishes so you can return to inspect, then pay.