7 golden rules for home cleaning

And here we are talking again about home cleaning. Have you had enough of this activity? How much time to you spend on it? Well, this actually is a tricky question. Whether you will spend one hour or a couple of hours in house cleaning, your home will actually depended on your will to make everything shiny, neither of the efforts you will put into this cleaning.

In a great extend, the free time that you have is quite important factor, isn’t it? We, the team of Premium Clean share the same opinion. If we talk in general, hygiene actually takes a lot of time. It does not matter whether you will distribute your duties on several consecutive days or you will do everything at once. What practice shows is that you need to have at least four-five hours of your day for house cleaning.

There are housewives that take too seriously the idea for impeccable cleanness and constantly tremble if they have missed a spot somewhere. Such behaviour and diligence are praiseworthy, really! But we wonder if these women want to have more time for their manicure or for their hairstyle, or whatever they like doing... And this all could be so easy – just with one telephone call and the professionals from Premium Clean will clean everything to perfection. 

Two times per year polishing everything to shine?

Let's go back on the subject and provide you with our home cleaning tips. Not all housewives are fastidious persons. Many ladies use more practical cleaning method – they plan one or two times per year when they polish everything to shine and during the rest of the time they just maintain the cleanness. Well, this variant is certainly not something to neglect from the point of view of relaxation and calmness, but the days planned for cleaning are a real nightmare, you need to admit.

It looks like both variants described so far have their negative aspects. Well, what you should choose then? The advice of  Premium Clean, here is what! We offer you a third solution, a combination of the previous two, while at the same time you can draw experience from our additional home cleaning tips. Well, the idea with a housekeeper drops off, although it would be wonderful, but we still want to be useful, so trust us 😉

So...how to clean your house?

Before we start with the home cleaning list of ‘golden’ rules, let’s make it clear when, where and what we should clean.

Generally speaking, home cleaning consist of: arranging, cleaning with the vacuum cleaner  and wiping the dust from furniture. So far, so good! Such activities (for a medium large home) take not more than couple of hours. But think about it, when have you satisfied with only this?! Even if it has happened to you, for sure it was rare. And the windows really “cry” for washing, and the kitchen “wants” a deeper cleaning, not to mention the bathroom!

Let us also add that a great part of housewives are working women and this limits their time for house cleaning only to the evening after the working day. Yes, but how can you do all the cleaning just for one night? This is too hard, of course. Some of the tasks which are not so important are automatically postponed for tomorrow, and tomorrow there is something different and important that should be done, so it goes on like this. In the end you are desperately thinking that you can not “shine” everywhere. You are seized by frustration and helpfulness and you are on the way to give up everything! Oh, that is not what we have agreed!

Everything comes to its place - home cleaning golden rule number 1

Try to make your schedule for cleaning in such a way that you can pay attention to each corner of your home but! all the duties should be equally distributed for each separate day. Do not place for example half of the duties connected with using the cloth for Tuesday and the other half for Thursday. And yes, the schedule, even if it has not been written is quite important, because it would give you the extra feeling that everything is under control

Golden rule number 2 

Do not try to be perfectionist! And yes, this is serious! We understand that you put all your effort in work, in front of your boss– but this is a situation where you need to impress someone and it is worth. At home you are alone or with your relatives. No one will notice if you leave a few dust particles on the upper shelf of the cupboard.

Do not misunderstand us – it is a natural thing to see cleanness as the most important thing in your home, but when we talk about its daily maintenance, no one will evaluate you with a mark. And think more reasonable about it – only after two days, this spot will have to be cleaned again. That is why at this moment you can remove most of the heavy dirt and the details could be left for cleaning when time is more appropriate

“One for all and all for one” Golden rule number 3 

 Just imagine that you are living with your partner, with your family, with your roommates, and it turns out that you have the honor to take care of the home cleaning. Well, it is a bit unfair – everyone is doing something to make the house dirty and everyone is happy when the house smells fresh and it is so clean, but the last thing is entirely due to your efforts? Oh, no! Mobilize all the people living around you to help you.

Simple actions (like arranging clothes, wiping dust, or taking out the garbage) could be really useful for you. Such small and insignificant gestures can give you some additional time that you can decide how to use it. You might find it odd now and that this is not really some special advice, but you will be pleasantly surprised when you try it and find out how useful such type of help could be.

Golden rule number 4

But you should be careful who you choose to be your helper. No, we do not deny the previous rule, but you should really focus on this point. If you have decided that the child will be the one who is going to help you with these activities, perhaps you should think about this choice one more time.

Of course children should be taught how to help in home cleaning, but can not count on them as much as you want it to be. Why? Imagine that you are vacuuming, and your little precious comes into the room, carrying something. The child asks you impatiently “Mum, where should I put this?”. It is natural the you should switch off the vacuum cleaner so that you have a normal talk with you child, in order to hear the child and answer the question. Then you can go on with cleaning the floor.

A few minutes later, your boy or girl has found another thing and of course he needs to know where to put it again. At that moment you ask yourself – is the child really trying to help you or sabotage you... You do not want to scram at your child, because this is not his fault at all. You tell him or her to go to play a bit, and you start cleaning again. The thing is that you have lost some of the time that you have for cleaning and your nerves are significantly tightened. Well, do not do this to yourself. Of course, the above described moment is just an example, but we are sure you understand what we actually mean. The idea is to have such a helper that would really be in help, not just wasting your time.

Golden rule number five

Be prudent. The rule with the schedule is really useful. Frankly, sometimes it happens that you can not entirely fulfill all the tasks that you have planned for the day. For example, you have planned to clean the living room and the closet on Tuesday, but something happens and you have to stop with your home cleaning. It is not such a big problem, because you can postpone it for tomorrow.

But the thing is about something else – the room that you spend most of the time when you are at home, needs more attention and effort. That is why you should start with it first, so that you do not have remorse if there is not enough time for cleaning the other rooms. You should give priority to the rooms that are more important. If you have guests for example tomorrow, and your living room has not been cleaned, you are not going to invite them in the closet, do you, no matter that it shines of cleanness?!

And while we talk about prudence, you should have in mind that it is a good thing to maintain the cleanness of the hall. Do not be surprised – it is exactly there that most of the dirt is accumulated, entering from outside. Just think about it. What is the benefit that your entire home is clean to perfection, when the hall is not cleaned? And every time when you enter into one of the other rooms you spread the dirt.

Golden rule number six

Do not hurry! Really! You think that when you are working faster you will finish the house cleaning faster. Well, this is not true at all. And the reason is simple – the more you pressure yourself the more nervous you get. Even distracted! And it is no wonder when you have cleaned the kitchen for example, really fast, and minutes after that when you are cleaning the bathroom, to remember that you have missed cleansing the fridge or the kitchen plot. You have just forgot it while you were in such a hurry. And the dust in the bedroom, you can not remember if you have cleaned it. So you need to go back and do it?!

Golden rule number seven

Do not think that cleaning is a punishment, think of it like this is fun thing to do. Yes, we are serious. You know that each separate thing has its positive sides, it is the same about cleaning. You need to be a bit more philosophic about the subject. After all it is a way to bring yourself some joy, because this is the way that you are going to feel when you are ready with cleaning, right?

Home cleaning is usually considered for routine practice and it is one of the women’s primary duty. It does not mean that you should not tell yourself “Well done!” smile and feel happy when you look around and see the result. You should change your initial attitude towards cleaning of your house. Avoid thoughts like “Oh I need to act quickly so that I can finish with cleaning faster”. Such type of thoughts will only negatively affect your positive attitude. Itwill also give you the feeling of doing something that is a punishment for you and one boring obligation.

This could be and should be changed, and the way is really easy. So the next time when you take the cloth, you should play some nice music. There is nothing else that can fix you mood as the favourite song. Allow yourself to even make some moves. It is much fun and you will be ready with home cleaning without knowing it. Almost like dancing through the furniture, instead of walking. It may seem absurd but you can try it next time, we promise that we will not tell anyone if you liked it, and that you were even singing using the stick of the broom for a microphone )).

And while your thinking is positive, you burn calories while you are cleaning. We all know how important this is to a woman. Well, the energy that you have burned will not be the same as you were in the fitness club. At the same time you should not forget about this positive effect of cleaning at your home.

Premium Clean - Professional Home Cleaning Company

The golden rules in home cleaning have finished and we hope that they will be in good use for you. Do not forget that our help is not only with the advice that we provide. You should have in mind that you can always count on us. The team of Premium Clean will be happy to answer your call and take care of your home. With our end of tenancy cleaning services London service at affordable home cleaning rates, we can make your house or flat perfectly clean and you would not have to raise a finger. And about these golden rules…they could help you…some other time. And perhaps the help from our professional cleaners team could be your golden rule number eight?