How To Clean A Kitchen Step By Step

Despite what we think about the kitchen and that it should be the cleanest place in our homes, reality is far away from that thinking. There is always something that is dirty in the kitchen - signs of the resent meal cooked in the oven, the counterplots can not be cleaned so well, there are sticky sports in the fridge...

How to clean a kitchen fast?

It is almost impossible to keep your kitchen clean for more than a day. There are so many different stains that can appear. And the question is how can we manage with removing them? Fortunately this is where we, the staff of Premium Clean, step in and reveal our cleaning kitchen tips to the very small detail coming right from our kitchen cleaning checklist. And the only task that you have is to read this information and we hope that it would be useful for you and that you will apply it in your daily life.

A real housewife is already convinced that the simple and fast cleaning with a cloth does not lead neither to good effect nor to long lasting results. Just a couple of hours later your kitchen "is crying" for another round of London kitchen cleaning. Well, there is no other way but take seriously with sanitation. The idea is to clean in a maximum good way so that you do not need to do it again in the next few days.

How To Deep Clean A Kitchen?

Cleaning The fridge

You should start with the fridge. No matter what its size and colour is, it always looks like it is dirty from outside and from the inside. Before you get the fridge cleaner spray, or other cleaning products and the cloth, you should take out of the fridge all grids and boxes and turn it off. Then you need to decide what part of the content you have taken out is good to put it back after the kitchen cleaning. It is quite often when we have food remains in the fridge that should have been thrown out long time ago – get rid of them, they are no longer good for eating.

With the help of a dry cloth you can wipe the water gathered from condensation. You should have in mind that the more you keep your fridge with an open door, the more it will defrost. But this should not disturb you because regular defrosting is actually something good for the device.

In case if there are stains left from the food on the inner side of the fridge, you should clean them but without using products with allergens (chlorine and caustic soda). Wash, dry and put back on their places all shelves and grids. You can turn in the fridge now and arrange the food products inside it. It would be good if you organize everything in a good order. For example you can put the most important and frequently used products on the fridge's door or on the top shelves- in order to reach them easily. The rest of the products could be "hidden" behind.

How To Clean a Fridge Outside?

No, you are not yet ready with the fridge. Now you should clean it from the outside, as well as under it. Start from its top - for sure there is a lot of dust there that could be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Thoroughly clean the door of the fridge and its sides. In general - you should not leave a spot that is not cleaned. For the floor under the fridge you should use a thin adaptor so that you can reach as far as possible. You might be amazed how much dust you would get and perhaps you could take out even some small objects wrapped in cobweb.

How To Clean a Freezer?

Well, the fridge is perfectly clean now. But while you are still under the momentum, you can do the same exercise with the freezer. The methodology is the same, but with the difference that for achieving perfect results you should let it defrost completely so that you can arrange it and remove all the ice.

Cleaning The Oven

Now we go on with phase 2 – the oven cleaning. It would be a bit harder with it, because it gets dirty every day and if you have not cleaned it after every meal, all the work should be done at once now. Let's share our oven cleaning tips with you.

So, take the grid out of the oven. The best will be to switch off the electrical device so that you are sure there will be no accidents. Use the strongest oven cleaning product possible for the most stubborn stains. Leave it to stay for some time until you see that the dirt starts falling. Use a wire sponge to rub the stains in order to remove them completely.

Do not forget to clean the area around the hot-plates in the same way. If you have ceramic panels, you should be more careful with them. Use creamy preparations and ordinary sponge in order not to scratch them. In the end the only thing left is to wash it well. The mission "cleaning the oven" is almost over - clean thoroughly the areas around and under the device and you are ready. Like when cleaning the fridge, here you should also use products that do not contain chlorine and caustic soda. In general this rule applies to the entire kitchen.

Cleaning The Microwave

As you know this is a device with broad application in every kitchen. The negative side is that it gets dirty quite quickly and that is why it needs regular cleaning. You should start cleaning the microwave after you have taken out the plate and it is empty. Turn off the power supply and clean all the sides with a dump cloth - inside and outside. You can spread creamy microwave cleaning product over the stains and rainse thoroughly with water after that. Wash the plate well and put it back on its place after it is dry.

Do not miss to clean around the device this time. In the case when the microwave is light and you can easily move it, you can clear the working area. Make sure that after you have wiped the whole surface of the device, it is finally dry. And then you can switch it on. Otherwise the microwave can burn out and then there is not much point in being clean?!

Cleaning The Kitchen furniture and the rest of the interior

It is time now for cleaning the furniture. It is a bit over-the-top because it is just a table and a few chairs, but you know what we are talking about. The interior includes pillows, tablecloths, drapes, curtains, carpets…everything that is textile.

All these things you should take outside and put them under the sun. The aim for doing this is to remove all bacteria and unpleasant odor. After spending like this for at least a couple of hours you can take the textile back in the room. Then you should wipe it with a damp cloth or with a microfiber cloth..

The curtains and the tablecloths had taken in the smell from the meals and the cigarettes /eventually/ without a doubt, so they need something more than just the sun – they need washing. If they are white and light, you should add some baking soda to the washing product, in order to enhance the whitening effect.

If you regularly smoke in the kitchen, you can remove the cigarette smell when wiping the walls with damp cloth. Be carful in the case when you have paper walls – be precise, do not push too much, do not make the cloth too wet, so that you do not damage them.

You are almost ready with the interior. The only thing left for cleaning are the windows. And how you should clean them - you know this very well without telling you.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need professional help. In  end of tenancy cleaning London service we include kitchen cleaning services and we can clean all furniture, fridges and oven professionally for you, leaving your kitchen with a fresh smell and perfectly cleaned.