How To Clean a Carpet By Hand ?

When the carpet is new it’s easy to maintain. Regular vacuum carpet cleaning is enough. And because it’s new we still enjoy it and we use it more carefully to protect it from stains. Over time, however, the floor mat loses its previous form, it pollutes easier and is harder to clean. How to deal with this problem? Is there any easy strategies how to clean a carpet by hand ? Of course! And now we will tell you about some of them.

If for some reason you can’t turn to professional carpet cleaners for help, you can remove the pollution yourself. Once you’ve tried it yourself, you will see that restoring the attractive appearance of the flooring and home is not such a difficult task.

As you know, most often you need special products to clean carpets, however, below you will see few ways to achieve the same effect with materials that are available in every home.

How to Clean a Carpet with Salt

Salt absorbs nicely various substances such as fats, debris and dust. To get rid of dirt on the carpet, you should thoroughly sprinkle the area with salt, leave it for at least 20 minutes and then sweep along the pollution with broomstick dipped in soapy water.

How to Clean a Carpet with Baking Soda

Soda is considered an excellent tool for cleaning, which allows you to remove not only dirt but also eliminates odours, such as that from cigarettes. Dissolve baking soda in hot water, then sprinkle on the carpet and seats that require particularly careful handling, pour soda and leave for half an hour to stand. To remove the baking soda with the dirt you need a vacuum cleaner.

There is another option for cleaning with baking soda. It is even easier than the above, but only for patient people. It uses only the white "magic" powder that you will find in the kitchen. Spray soda over the entire surface of the carpet again thoroughly. Leave it to stand for one night and in the morning clean it with vacuum cleaner. And there it is - the carpet is magically clean again!


How to Clean a Carpet Washing powder

Washing powder can be used for cleaning or woollen carpets that are manufactured from synthetic materials. We need to dissolve the powder in hot water and add to it a little vinegar. With this soap solution clean the contaminated areas using a sponge or brush. You will immediately notice how the spots disappear, not only the latest but older ones too. However, this method has a major drawback - vinegar has a peculiar odour.  Do not worry, once the carpet is dry, with the humidity the smell will be gone too. Be careful with the amount of acidic liquid you add, because the strong concentration can cause irritation especially in young children.


How To Clean a Carpet Naturally ... With Tea

This method of removing the dirt involves using a used tea bag whit which you must sprinkle the entire surface of the woollen or synthetic carpet. Note that you should not use very old used tea bag, rather one you made early that day. The catch is that the old tea can make new unwanted stains on the carpet. So how does it work? Easy: sprinkle the floor mat with tea while it is still wet. Leave it to dry then clean it with vacuum cleaner.

With what is this method useful?

In fact, it has not one and two applications, but several. Besides the deletion of stains, tea ensures seamless dealing with traces of wax, hair, pet hair, dirt – virtually anything. Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, there is a catch. Use caution when you do carpet cleaning with tea, especially when it comes to bright floor mats - boiled herbs can irrevocably stain new and bright carpet. And let’s be honest – you won’t be happy with such result.