How to Clean with Vinegar

This week we are going to look at how we can use Vinegar to Tackle Everyday Cleaning Situations, this is Possible due to the Antibacterial and Antimicrobial Properties Vinegar has. Some of these Methods may work, some may not. Not all have been tried and  tested by myself Personally, but I will certainly give them a try at some point. Ill keep you updated. Of course you could always let me know if you have tried them, or if you have any other Methods for Cleaning.

Ok, I have 10 or so different way of using Vinegar, so lets get started.

  1. Microwave Cleaning – Place a Cup of Vinegar inside, Heat up for 3-4 Minutes. Leave to sit for 30 Minutes. Remove the Cup of Vinegar, and Wipe Clean. Use the Vinegar neat if you have slightly harder to clean areas.
  2. Water Rings on Wooden Surfaces – Add equal parts Vinegar and Vegetable Oil. Use this Mixture to wipe away the Marks. This also works on Leather.
  3. Oven Grills – Just Spray the Vinegar onto the Grills and Scrub using a Wire Brush until Clean.
  4. Drainage – Kitchen or Bathroom Drains are usually quite Smelly. Pour a Cup of White Vinegar down the Sink and leave for an hour or so. After this run the tap for a few seconds to flush the Vinegar away. Job Done!
  5. Kitchen or Bathroom Fixtures – Vinegar can be used an Alternative Cleaner, It is able to Kill Bacteria, Mould & Mildew. Just spray onto the Fixtures and rinse afterwards. You can leave to soak if needed, then wash.

  1. Cleaning the Fridge – Add 2 Cups of Vinegar to a Gallon of Warm Water. Use this Mixture to clean the Fridge. Use Vinegar neat on the Harder to Clean Areas.
  2. Clogged Shower Head – Fill a Bag, Like the ones you get from the Fair with Goldfish in, with Vinegar and Wrap it around the Shower Head. Please be sure to remove the Goldfish first 😉 Leave it there overnight and it should be back to full power.

  1. Dull Silver – Add 2 Table Spoons of Baking Soda to a Cup of Vinegar. You can apply the Solution to the Silverware but if Possible its better to leave them to soak, for about 15 Minutes. Then Rinse with Warm Water and Polish up with Soft Cloth.
  2. Rusty Tools – Anything that you may have with Rust on, should be left to Soak in Vinegar Overnight, Scrubbing off the Rust will now be a lot Easier.
  3. Sticky Label Removal – This works not only for Sticky Labels, Such as Price Tags, But also the Residue left by Car Stickers and Window Decals. Simply Spray the Area with Vinegar, wait a Few Minutes, and clean with a Towel or Cloth.
  4. Whitening Clothes – If you add a Cup of Vinegar and Quarter Cup Baking Soda to your Washing. This will Help Whitten your Clothes.
  5. Ant Deterrent – Ants follow the scents left behind by other Ants, This means one Ant leads to another, and before you know it, u have an Infestation! Spray Vinegar around Doors, Skirting, Windows, the usual areas, this will get rid of the Scent left.
  6. Odors – Whether in the Bathroom, Kitchen or even that Mysterious Smell in the Car, Air Fresheners simple try to Mask Odours, The Acetic Acids in Vinegar Absorb these Odors, rather than just trying to cover the Bad Smell with Nicer Smell, Which in my Opinion is no Better than the Original Bad Smell. Granted Air Fresheners do Smell Nice, but not when Mixed with Rotten Food or a Drain Stench. You can either Spray the Vinegar or Just leave it in a Bowl to Rid those Bad Odors.

So there you have it. A few useful ways of using vinegar around the House (also when it’s time for End of tenancy cleaning). Hope you enjoyed this Blog. Until next time… Stay Fresh and don't forget to check our professional cleaning services.