How To Clean Your Oven

   Not everybody has the time to clean their Oven themselves. For those people, we are here to help. For those of you that do have time, and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, we recommend using a Karcher steam cleaner. There are lots of methods you can find online but we haven’t found any that work as well. We find the steam method to work best when Oven cleaning chemicals don’t quite cut it.

It cuts through the grease easily and also leaves the Oven 100% Bacteria free. Another method is to mix Baking Soda with Vinegar until forms a Paste. Apply this to the oven floor and walls, allow to soak for a few hours then wipe away.

You may want to scrape away any loose bits of dirt first. Also take care when adding the Vinegar, pour slowly as the when it comes into contact with the Baking Soda it can fizz up quite high if poured quickly. It has been said that this method also works with just water. Spray the Oven with water, pour the Baking Soda in the bottom, about ¼ Inch thick layer, cover the sides as well, any dry patches just spray again until wet. Or again make up a Paste and use a paintbrush to apply.

Let that soak for Overnight, Using a scraper, scrape away the Baking Soda applying water if needed.

Wipe with damp cloth to remove streaks. Use Equal parts Water and White Vinegar to clean the door. Avoiding to wetting the gasket. For really baked in grime, this method may have to be repeated.