How to Keep Your Carpet Clean for Pet Owners

 Having Pets in your Home Doesn’t mean your Carpets are going to be forever ruined. With accumulating Hair,  Stains  and Nasty Smells that seem to accompany most Pets. To help keep you Carpets clean, use a Spot Cleaner,  Urine  Neutraliser and Odor Eliminators for when those Accidents do happen.

 Pet Hair

The main problem with pets is of course the Hair. Pet Hair gets Everywhere, but more so in the Carpets, This can  block or even damage your Vacuum. We suggest using a Pet Grooming Brush on the Carpet before hand. Or you  could  even fashion a Home Made lint roller using Tape and a Paint Roller. Its Recommended that you do this at  least 3 times  per week, Creating a Cleaner, Safer environment for your Family and Pets.


It happens, No matter how well your pet may be trained. Here is what you can do.

  • Grab a towel and place it over the Urine, pressing down on the towel will help soak up much of the Moisture.
  • Add a little dishwashing detergent to a cup of warm water, using a cloth or brush, work the mixture into the affected area.
  • Rinse the area well with water and a clean cloth.
  • Place a towel or some paper towels over the cleaned area and apply pressure to soak up as much of the moisture as possible.

You could also use 2 parts water and 1 part white vinegar, dabbed over the area to help deter your pet from using that area again.


All pet owners know that at some point they will be faced with some, maybe even all types of stains, whether is be Vomit, Excrement, Urine, Blood or whatever the Pet may drag in from the outside. Most of the time it is possible to remove these stains, but it is likely that you will require Professional help. We can bring our Professional Equipment and Materials, along with necessary Chemicals to do this for you. However there are Products that you can buy specifically to remove pet stains, but be aware that its not going to be easy, be prepared to work up a sweat.


Again, before attempting to use any odor neutralising treatment, its advised that you get somebody with a powerful Extraction Machine, Premium Clean for example, to come and clean the Carpet first, Forcing only clean water into the fibres and extracting out any left over chemicals from previous cleaners or treatments, this is because the chemical residue can inhibit the enzymes from removing the odors from the Carpet. You can use powdered odor eliminators on dry carpets, or liquid urine odor eliminator products that utilize bio-enzymatic ingredients to eliminate the bacteria that causes the odor.