Is Professional Cleaning Required At End of Tenancy?

After a well-thought-out decision to let or rent an apartment, as such, comes the frequently asked question - "Do you need professional cleaning"? In both cases, the answer is a screaming “Yes”. Sometimes conditions impose this as a duty, but in other cases it is only advisable. 

When is the End of Tenancy cleaning service recommended?

There are several main points for which the service is primarily intended. It is created by the owners of professional cleaning companies in order to help many tenants or landlords with regards to the good presentation of a property.  It is advisable to trust experts for this type of hygiene in the following cases:

Keeping the property neat and tidy

Regular self-cleaning is done by everyone, but it is certainly not as thorough as the experts would do. Cleanliness at home is especially important for a healthy living environment. Occupational hygiene is environmentally friendly and completely eliminates all fine particles, bacteria and other parasites.  

Hire a team for spring cleaning once a  year. Remember that maintaining certain standards of cleanliness and ever-increasing care can prolong the operation of many furniture, appliances, and more. In the presence of animals and small children at home, twice as often cleaning is required to ensure that you are putting them in a good environment.

Leasing a rental home 

As a tenant, you should have a contractual relationship with your landlord. One of the most important rules is to take care of the property in the best way when leaving it. You are obliged to leave in the form described at the beginning (if applicable). This is one of the most widely used End of Tenancy Cleaning London Services.  

Professional cleaning at this stage will guarantee you very good results, and all Inspection Companies act directly on the list that the landlord has made at the beginning. By affixing your signature to everything, you are in fact agreeing to accept the dwelling in the particular form. What is better than the next tenant moving into a clean property? This is an almost 100% guarantee that you will receive your deposit amount back without any problems. 

Increasing / maintaining the value of the property 

Every owner wants to maintain their property in a more attractive way,  for easier rental or sale in the future. A high rating is always based on the maintenance of a home, in terms of repairing damage and above all, cleanliness inside. Any owner can maintain and even increase the current value of their property if they adhere to certain standards. This requires regular cleaning and extra care, and in return he/she will receive many future benefits.

Quick rental

One of the most common investments in a property is for rent. That is why it is important to furnish it reasonably and keep it clean and tidy. Usually tenants act and tend to say "yes, I will rent it" right now, if they are impressed at first glance. All you  need is to show them a cozy, well-scented and clean home. Cleaning plays a very important role in this regard.

End of tenancy cleaning is very important for you to get your deposit back

home cleaning peopleHolding a deposit at the beginning of your rental agreement is a must. The deposit is a guarantee against the damage caused by the tenants. Exactly this protection scheme is the cause of much of the disputes between landlords and tenants, and often the main reason for not returning the deposit  is a cleaning issue.

Statistics say the following is the extent of such misunderstandings:

  • 56% of the deposit is withheld due to insufficient cleaning
  • 43% due to damage
  • 30% due to the need for repairs

There are two possibilities for Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning - the landlord can find you a cleaning company or deal with it himself. The first option may seem more convenient because you will not have to search for it yourself. The number one priority for your landlord is to hire experts who work with the best products and achieve the highest quality of cleaning. However, this will cost you a much higher amount. So it may be better to handle it yourself. 

The landlord is not entitled to deduct a higher amount than the cleaning fee. A receipt is issued as proof that the cleaning has been paid for and you no longer have the  commitment for this service. It is important that you as tenants are also aware of the cost of this service before agreeing to deposit deductions. 

In general the deposit you give is a considerable amount, so it is in your interest to maintain the property while you are living there as well as when you leave it. Remember that the final check determines the return of the deposit - it is based on comparison with the condition of how the apartment or house was when deposited. Keep copies of these inventories in case of conflict. 

Leasing rights and obligations concerning the tenant 

This is all about what the tenant has to do, as well as his legal protection for the lease. Generally speaking, vacating an apartment or house is made after inspection. Based on the condition of each room, the owner decides what to do with the withheld deposit. It usually goes with the list initially drawn up, and finally there must be agreement between the two parties. 

This is the best option, but often things are not so simple. Therefore, each tenant must be aware of their rights and obligations and strictly observe them: 

  • The tenant must comply with the lease term. If he wishes to move out, he must put his intention in writing. It is important that you comply with all provisions regarding the lease. 
  • The notice must be made at least ten days before the last month for which monthly rent is paid. Otherwise, he will justifiably owe the calculated amount for the days exceeding the month, and it is not excluding any additional deductions of one more monthly installment.
  • In most cases if this clause is not respected, this service is deducted - from the deposit amount.
  • The standard lease agreements stipulate that the tenant must return the property to the landlord in the condition in which he received it on the day of the lease. Then the owner returns the entire amount of the deposit.
  • It is sometimes explicitly stated that the final cleaning must be done by a professional company.

What to do to get your deposit back?

Returning a deposit in the event of a move is one of the most important topics for any tenant. It is normal for you to be among them. There are several successful practices while living in rented premises as well as when moving out, which will guarantee you a full refund of the deposit amount. 

Wondering what you have to do and if you could handle it? Of course, see what to do:

  • Regular cleaning is the key to a good looking home - taking care of the rental space as if it were your property. Only then will you have the guarantee of getting your deposit back.
  • Try to be alert at every step of your pets or small children - if you have permission to have pets and/or  have a small child, then the likelihood of damage is bigger. Watch them carefully what they do at all times. 
  • Deal with any damage inflicted on an ongoing basis - if you paint the carpet, burn the upholstery or tear down any object, find some solution to the problem right away. Do not put off everything when you are vacating the property, as it may be quite expensive. Of course, some appliances may break due to long service life, etc. - this can be considered as part of the wear and tear by your landlord. Just advise him  so you know what to expect. 
  • Before renting a home, make sure you have a list of the property condition - it is important to mention all the shortcomings, malfunctions and other possible damage so that there is no disagreement with your landlord or estate agent.
  • Hire a professional cleaning company for the End of Tenancy Cleaning - you may find it easy to handle the overall cleaning, but when it comes to getting your deposit back, things should be done professionally. Only genuine experts with the right equipment can guarantee you these good results.  
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