Rug Cleaning London by Professional Cleaners

Our fabulous Rug Cleaning London service involves a very Detailed and Deep clean for all kinds of rugs and it is part of our carpet cleaning service. We have only the most dedicated, fully trained and Insured carpet cleaners that know how to clean all types of rugs, oriental rug, long pile , short pile, persian rugs, thick tight pile and so on. They know what rugs need to be deep cleaned and what ones need a more delicate touch such as dry cleaning. They have full understanding of how to use all the cleaning products on certain Fabrics.

We can clean the Rugs where they are and there is no need to move them during our rug cleaning service. All of our products are 100% Safe for Pets, Children and Allergy Sufferers. This means there no need to take the Rug outside to clean.


  • We will firstly Thoroughly Vacuum the Rug to remove any Loose bits of Dirt and Dust particles.
  • We will then Pre-Treat the Rug to Loosen and Lift any Stains or Spills that may be on the Rug. Sometimes Spills can't even be seen as they Penetrate deep into the Rug's Fibers but with this Pre-Treatment it helps bring these Spills to the surface.
  • Then our highly Powerful Steam Pro Hot Water Extraction Machine the Pro 2000 comes into play. this machine is truly Amazing and is the most up to date Rug Cleaner available. It can reach an Amazing Temperature of 120 Degrees, this ensures that all nasty Bacteria and Germs are Killed whilst not Harming the fibers in any way. This machine allows us to mix our Shampoos and Products in with the water that cleans the Rug, and has a second Pipe that will suck the Dirty water straight back out leaving the Rug not too Wet.
  • Once this stage has been Complete we will use Professional Spot Treatment on any remaining Stains. This is used for all those Extra stubborn stains that are really Embedded into the fibres.
  • There is one more Stage that we can offer for an Additional price. It's a Protection service to maintain the fibres inbetween cleans. This product is called Scotchguard. It acts as an Invisible Barrier fighting against Stains and Wear and Tear. It's not completely Waterproof but does help Preventing the Stains from Penetrating the deeper fibres. The final stage is to simply leave the Rug to completely Dry. We Recommend 2-3 Hours depending on the Temperature of the room.


Now all of our products are Eco-Friendly to ensure our bit for the safety of the Planet. We know that Eco-Friendly products are less Toxic and less Harmful to the fabrics, whilst still giving an Amazing carpet cleaning process. All of our products are also 100% Safe to be used around Children and Pets as well as Allergy Sufferers as mentioned before.

We want you to be as Comfortable as possible whilst we clean your Rugs. So we don't want there to be strong Toxic Smells and Nasty Toxins floating around in the air putting you at risk. All we want to do is provide an Amazing, Safe Rug cleaning service that gives you the customer full Satisfaction. We want you to feel certain that you've received the best level of service possible, Encouraging you to spread your Experience with all your Friends and Family.

You can book our Brilliant Rug Cleaning London service through so many popular ways. We have Facebook Messenger, Email, Telephone Contact, Twitter and even a Live Chat option on our Website.

We have Friendly Staff in all area that are always Happy to assist you in any queries and Questions that you may have. Available to you 7 Days a week, we will continue taking Bookings on Bank Holidays and Weekends as normal No Extra Charges so that there is always a day and time Convenient to you.

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Prices start from  £25