Sofa Cleaning London

Sofa Cleaning London by Premium Clean

Sofas can be a massive focal point in a room and most are the feature so it's very important that they are kept clean and looking their best for when visitors are round. They can also be extremely Expensive to buy at first and to find the Sofa that matches your room can take a hell of alot of time. So why would you let all that time and effort go to waste if your sofa falls victim of a Spill or some Wear. Before you rush out to look for a new sofa to replace your old one, stop and think about a Professional Sofa Cleaning London Service.

A Professional sofa cleaning services can give you that Clean, Fresh smelling, Beautiful looking sofa that you once remember. This can be achieved in a Quick minimal effort time and is usually at an amazing price too.

Professional steam Carpet Cleaning London companies will provide all the Stain removal Chemicals and all the correct Steam cleaning Machinery that is needed to provide an amazing sofa cleaning services.

Most sofa materials are safe to be Steam cleaned and our upholstery cleaners know all the correct ways to apply all the Chemicals and how to safely apply and remove them. Using our amazing SteemPro 2000 steam cleaning machine we can remove even the Toughest of stains, Red wine, Coffee, Tea, Juice, Food, Paint, Oil, Make-up, Ink. Even Chewing gum and Candle wax isn't a problem for us to remove. We can Guarantee a brilliant Looking and Smelling sofa once our sofa cleaners finished and complete our professional upholstery and sofa cleaning service.

We always start off by Vacuuming the entire Sofa before the Steam process begins. This is to remove any loose Dirt and Dust particles giving us a Fresh canvas to clean. Then we will fire up our steam cleaning machine and begin spraying Stain removal and Shampoos that will work the stains out from even the deepest of fibres. All this is done whilst causing no Damage to the fibre in any way whatsoever.

The SteemPro 2000 sprays the water onto the fabric and sucks it back up almost Instantly minimising soaking and allowing the sofa to be completely Dry in just a few hours.

Eco-friendly cleaning is very important part of our services. All of the Chemicals that we use also are Eco-Friendly and contain Odor Neutralizers so that any nasty odurs are Banished including Pet urine for all you pet lovers.

There are also ways that you can protect your sofas in between cleans. A product known as Scotchgard is a brilliant way to protect your sofas from nasty Spills. Although it not 100% Waterproof it will Repel any Liquids and Foods from penetrating the deeper fibres allowing Spills and Stains to be simply wiped up. Its acts as an invisible barrier not compromising the feel or look of the sofa, as if it's not even there.

Love your sofa once again and feel Proud and Confident to show it off to all your Guests and Family. Fresh Scents will allow you to Relax and know that your upholstered furniture is Bacteria free and as clean as can be.

Don't give up, book a Sofa Cleaning London service today and see for yourselves that you don't need to replace your sofas, just give the some Love and Care.