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Dido Grigorov

With Many Years of professional SEO experience, Dido Joined us in 2014 as our Website Optimisation, Responsible for Dealing with all Web Strategies.
Since 2014 up to date.

Dido Grigorov Biography

I am an SEO, I used to work for a company before I managed to open my own company. I much prefer working for myself, I like being the boss. 2021 I got married, we have a baby boy now and this takes up a lot of my time. Being the boss helps me to be able to spend as much time as I like with my wife and son. 

I have also just bought myself a new piano. I try to spend a few hours a week playing as I really enjoy playing musical instruments. As a man that works a lot sitting at a computer I like to get into the gym as often as I can. Sitting at the desk all day can be unhealthy and I like to try and stay healthy as much as possible, this includes eating well.

I have another passion and hobby – software and web development. My favorite programming languages are Python and C++. In my daywork I also very often use PHP for web.

Dido Skills

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Now I have excellent many years experience (More than 20) in managing basically a bit of everything, but specially SEO.

  • Website Optimisation all the time when need updating.
  • Web Strategies for Premium Clean Ranking.
  • Websites Creative from start to finish.
  • Google Analytics looking for all details and parameters to go to a higher level and top position in 1st page.
  • Web Development – PHP, JS, Python, C++

I met Kiril in 2014 through a friend of mine. We became very good friends. I like to visit England to see Kirils house and he took me on a tour around London. I love this country. It is beautiful, I hope to be able to bring my family one day so I can show them how beautiful it is. I am currently living in Bulgaria and I work from home. I have my own office so I can focus and get my work done. The city where I live is callen Varna,  it is the second biggest city after the capital Sofia. It is also beautiful and we have very nice weather. We are on the black sea so it is always hot and is a great tourist destination. I could be on the beach everyday however there is work to be done 😉