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Ivan Markov

With Many Years experience, Ivan Joined us in 2009 as our Main Accountant, Responsible for Dealing with all Invoice and Bank Statements.
Since 2009 up to date.

Ivan Markov Biography

I am Married with 2 children, 2 boys one of which is about to go off to university and a little one that loves to play piano, this is a great passion of his. Before being an accountant I used to work in a pizza restaurant making pizzas, this was a brilliant job and I must admit I got very good at it. 

I still now buy the ingredients from that restaurant to create pizza at home for my family and friends. 

They used to call me the pizza man :). 

Myself and my wife are both now accountants, we work for separate accounting companies, however we do own our own accountant company so as you can imagine we are very busy people but we always make time for each other, family time is precious to us.


Ivan Skills

Accounting Services
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Deep End of Tenancy Cleaning
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Website Optimisation Strategies
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Office Work
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Now I have excellent many years experience with manage basically a bit of everything. 

  • Dealing with Invoices all the times.
  • Dealing with Bank Statements for Premium Clean.
  • Giving Ideas  for how to be easier for both sides.
  • Given Pays Slips for each client sent it by emails automatically every month.

I love Mercedes, I own one myself and I also love riding scooters. I use my scooter to get to work to avoid traffic. I love to go to the gym, keeping fit is very important to me. I even go to the gym on my lunch break sometimes and if I cannot get to the gym I will always work out at home instead. 

I love going to concerts, metallica is a favourite of mine, my friends also share this love of metallica so i have a great time with them, we also love going out to eat. I don’t really enjoy going away on holiday. I much prefer to spend time relaxing at home with my family.