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Nick Arabadzhiev

Nick joined us in the summer in 2018. He passed many Training Courses for Achievement. Very Professional and Experienced Technician.
Since 2018 up to date.

Nick Arabadzhiev Biography

I used to work for a delivery company before I found Premium Clean, with a friend of mine, he recommended Kiril from many years before that. Since I started Kiril has taught me so many things, which I appreciate. I attend many Training Courses, this allows me to say that I am now a professional. I always check the fabric material before I start with any cleaning process to make sure I will be using the right products and the right temperature.

I am married and I have 1 son. He loves to play PS4 games. I am trying to spend as much time as I can with him, especially on Christmas, Easter and the Summer holidays. He is a very clever boy.  My wife is not working at the moment, because she is looking for our boy full time, he is still only a little one. 🙂


Nick Skills

Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning
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Deep End Of Tenancy Cleaning
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Website Optimisation Strategies
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Office Work
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Since 2018 I have had excellent experience and passed many Training Courses for achievement. I could 100% say, i am professional. Also fully insured and excellent London Driver. 

  • Training Courses passed in NCCA, TACCA, Wool Safe…
  • Working good in Team with all our cleaning stuff.
  • Excellent Driver  with No Parking or Penalty Charges.
  • Always Positive with all of our Stuff and all of our Customers.


I don’t like sports, and I am not very sporty. To clean carpets and upholsteries all day, 6 days a week is enough of a workout for me. I don’t like to run in the mornings, and don’t like diets. I am a good healthy person for now with no problems, and I hope I will be like that in the future. I love BBQs on weekends with friends, they recharge my batteries, and are perfect for getting me ready again for work on Mondays.