Eco Cleaning London – Premium Clean Cares For You And Nature

More and more of our lives is affected by another convenience - eco products. We find them in food products, textiles, office supplies. Increasingly popular are also the eco cleaning detergents. In the beginning they were extremely expensive and we considered them a luxury. Over time, that changed and now they are almost obligatory for any self-respecting man in its London eco cleaning.

Let’s discuss detergents in particular. In Premium Clean we use only eco ones, no matter what area of ​​cleaning is going on - carpet or end of teanancy cleaning. Also we recommend that you have them at home for daily cleaning hygiene. We know that the decision to switch to "green" products is not taken just like that, so we will briefly explain your benefits and will explain what you the pros and cons. However, the decision remains yours.

But consider – professionals at Premium Clean trust eco cleaning products and achieve great results with them, so it may be worth it and you should try.

Modern eco cleaning materials, be it mechanical, professional or just daily sanitation, are clean, safe for you, your family and your pets. And all this in no way reduces their effectiveness - why else famous and respected London cleaning companies would trust them.

Isn’t it great - a single tool able to deal successfully with dirt, even stubborn cases, and at the same time it’s so gentle to you and your loved ones? This tool is "green." Absolutely safe for human health and animals. It doesn’t compete with other products who are also uncompromising to dust and stains, except they contain all sorts of chemicals in their composition.

How many of these substances are dangerous for you and can harm you by causing allergic reactions? Many and probably much more that we don’t even suspect. You don’t have to worry about such things with eco cleaning products and that’s why they’re so unique - they clean to a shine and don’t hide any health risk. Useful, don’t you think, especially when it comes to babies and young children.

Environmentally friendly products using the most advanced technologies.

They don’t only spare the health, but also don’t use harmful, powerful chemical agents which can damage the surfaces of the object that is being cleaned.

Let’s take for example the carpets, because they are relatively difficult to clean. In an effort to deal with stubborn stains, we tend to try all the products on the market. We often have to - until we find really effective product to deal with the stain. Still, cautious housewives would take at least a look at the label - to check what substances the detergent contains. And it’s great if they don’t find harmful health agents. They buy it and are determined to try it out on the carpet. Then, however, begin the unpleasant surprises. Very often we are not aware with the characteristics of the fabric that we’ll clean, nor with the product itself. And when you meet such unacceptable conditions, the result is plain - fibres lighten or lose their strength ... Generally speaking - the carpet is ruined.

We gave the carpet for example. But the same applies to cleaning furniture, textiles and other surfaces. Every time you clean them you risk damaging them. Except in the case when you use eco products, of course. Then such risks do not exist.

Green cleaning products are suitable for cleaning grills, ovens and stoves.

We talked about allergic reactions that ordinary detergents can cause during cleaning. Now let’s pay attention to the consequences of such cleaning, especially for sanitation in places where we store food. One is to ventilate the room after a good cleaning with hazardous substances - the majority of them will "leave" room. Another matter is when these substances are in the fridge or the oven rack - they can’t evaporate. They sit and wait to get into our food. Once this happens, an allergy is the smallest problem. Poisoning and toxic shock may occur. Scared? Then let's think more next time!

Eco products can be used as a fresheners

What would cleaning be, if it didn’t leave pleasant and fresh fragrance that will linger for a long time?! We usually use additional fresheners that we spray in a room. The disadvantage is that, as heavier than air, the fragrant droplets fall quickly and the pleasant aroma is scatters briefly. Another negativity are the harmful aerosols which similar fresheners contain.

Well, you can forget all about them. You only need to use eco-friendly detergents. You will not only get the desired shine, but you will enjoy a wonderful fresh scent. It will remain in the room long after you've forgotten that you cleaned. And another thing - these scents are completely natural and therefore safe.


"Green" cleaning products are made from organic and biodegradable materials.

You need an example of natural materials? Vinegar, bicarbonate soda (baking soda), lemon – do you think they somehow harm nature? Of course not. They don’t spread aerosols that violate ozone, they don’t release harsh chemicals that get deposited and accumulate in the environment. Everything is clean!

We don’t know whether you are persuaded to use eco products in your cleanings, but certainly we gave you food for thought. We also want to remind you that you have another possibility to clean with "green" products, if you don’t have them - you can just hire Premium Clean for professional cleaning services. We are green! We believe that everything should not just be clean, but eco-friendly sanitized! We offer carpet cleaning services, end of tenancy cleaning and upholstery cleaning with entirely green products.

At Premium Clean we care for you and the environment!